In Deep: The Dolomites
Georgia Yuill | Jun 12, 2015
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

A unique mineral that makes up breathtaking mountains, the Dolomites have long been a source of both fascination and awe. more...

Vines 101: Umbria Wine
Georgia Yuill | Mar 3, 2015
Eat + Drink | Vines & Wines

From the ancient Romans to the Cisternese monks, wine has been produced in Umbria for centuries. more...

Umbria Cuisine 101
Georgia Yuill | Mar 3, 2015
Eat + Drink | Cuisine

Overlooked for its famous Tuscan neighbour, Umbria cuisine combines staples like truffles, pasta, pork and olive oil to offer more...

The B&R Q&A: Francis Ford Coppola
Georgia Yuill | Feb 20, 2015
Experts + Insiders | Our Friends

We caught up to the acclaimed director and hotelier to discuss our shared passions for storytelling, wine and the simple plea more...

Amalfi Coast
Video: Amalfi Coast with B&R
Georgia Yuill | Feb 5, 2015
See + Do | Must Sees

Glamorous doesn’t even begin to describe it. Take a look at our latest videoto get a glimpse at Amalfi through the lens of more...

Italian Lakes
In Deep: Lake Como
Georgia Yuill | Jun 20, 2014
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

During the last Ice Age, powerful glaciers shifted so as to create a mountainous cove that's been treasured by mankind ever s more...

Umbria: Italy’s Green Heart
Georgia Yuill | Apr 15, 2014
Experts + Insiders | Columnists

Often passed over by visitors seeking out its better-known neighbour, Umbria rewards travellers in ways both scenic and culin more...

In Deep: Siena
Georgia Yuill | Jan 16, 2014
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

A perfect medieval time capsule, enlightened zoning restrictions have helped preserve the palaces and churches of Siena like more...

Lakes District
Reading for the Road: Books About the Italian Lakes
Georgia Yuill | Aug 22, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

Many of these works capture the special qualities of a particular region and will provide you a much deeper sense of history more...

Amalfi Coast
At Le Sirenuse, It’s
All in the Family
Georgia Yuill | Aug 7, 2013
See + Do | Hotels

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Fleeing Naples to avoid the bombing during the Second World War, the Sersale famil more...

Where to Eat: Verona Restaurants
Georgia Yuill | Jul 9, 2013
Eat + Drink | Resto

When it comes to gastronomy, there's no denying that a host of Verona restaurants have helped the city earn its moniker, "the more...

Beaches in Italy: Andiamo al Mare!
Georgia Yuill | Jun 6, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Columnists

Few countries the size of Italy can boast such diverse geography and a wealth of summer destinations for its citizens—and f more...

Insider’s Guide: Milan Hotels
Georgia Yuill | Mar 21, 2013
See + Do | Hotels

Trip Designer and Slow Road columnist Georgia Yuill provided such a comprehensive list of Milan hotels, we couldn't fit them more...

Where to Eat: Milan Restaurants
Georgia Yuill | Mar 18, 2013
Eat + Drink | Resto

Some cities simply offer too much delicious fare to fit into a single Insider's Guide. more...

An Enchanting Encounter at Villa La Foce
Georgia Yuill | Mar 14, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Columnists

With gorgeous grounds, incredible views and a location well positioned to bike, walk and explore, Villa La Foce is one of my more...

Insider’s Guide to Rome
Georgia Yuill | Feb 28, 2013
See + Do | Insider's Guides

Trip Designer and Slow Road columnist Georgia Yuill provides a B&R-inspired guide to Rome. more...

Dinner with David
Georgia Yuill | Feb 27, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Columnists

Facilitating memorable experiences is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. Participating in them, however, is something more...

Vines 101: Chianti Wine
Georgia Yuill | Feb 25, 2013
Eat + Drink | Vines & Wines

In this ongoing series, we pull back the curtain on some of our favourite wine regions in the world and explore their oenolog more...

Tuscany Cuisine 101
Georgia Yuill | Feb 21, 2013
Eat + Drink | Cuisine

In our Cuisine 101 series, we introduce you to a few of our taste buds’ favourite regions. more...

Where to Eat: Siena Restaurants
Georgia Yuill | Jan 15, 2013
Eat + Drink | Resto

For those looking for a little less risk (and a little more risotto) while on the road, we've collected a few of our favourit more...

Go West, Young Man
(and bring the family)
Georgia Yuill | Apr 21, 2011
Experts + Insiders |

Coming up with activities that engage and interest multiple generations makes family vacation planning both challenging more...


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