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Immersive Excursions To Japan
In the News | May 29, 2015
Debra Bokur | Media Mentions

"Offering luxury bespoke walking and cycling expeditions to nearly every corner of the world since 1966, Butterfield & Robins more...

The Top 14 Things to do in Kyoto
Orsolya Kako | Sep 26, 2014
See + Do | Must Sees

Formerly the imperial capital of Japan, there are plenty of things to do in Kyoto that will give you a sense of the city and more...

Westways Magazine
Healing Waters
In the News | Aug 11, 2014
Daniel Asa Rose | Media Mentions

"Blame it on Bill Murray... It started, innocently enough, as a bike trip with Butterfield & Robinson, that upscale globe-tro more...

Insider’s Guide: Things
To Do in Tokyo
Orsolya Kako | Apr 1, 2014
See + Do | Insider's Guides

B&R Trip Designer Orsolya Kako rounds out our three-part Insider’s Guidewith this list of her favourite things to do in Tok more...

Insider’s Guide: Tokyo Hotels
Orsolya Kako | Dec 3, 2013
See + Do | Insider's Guides

Trip Designer Orsolya Kako presents her picks for the "beyond great" Tokyo hotels where you can do so much more than simply r more...

Insider’s Guide: Tokyo Restaurants
Orsolya Kako | Dec 3, 2013
Eat + Drink | Resto

In our latest installment of "Where to Eat" Trip Designer Orsolya Kako offers a few a few of her favourite Tokyo restaurants more...

Japanese Etiquette
Dave Bowden | Jun 14, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

Bow or shake? Shoes on or off? Smile or frown? (Just kidding—always smile.) Consider this your cheat sheet to mastering Jap more...

Know Before You Go: Japan Travel Tips
B&R Staff | May 29, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

In this ongoing series, we pose some essential questions and arm you with answers from our regional experts. more...

Chanoyu: A Profound Influence
Orsolya Kako | May 22, 2013
Eat + Drink | Cuisine

Of all the art forms that Japan adopted from China, chanoyu or tea ceremony, had the most profound influence. more...

Bicycling Magazine
In the News | Apr 2, 2013
Bill Gifford | Media Mentions

"You did what?" Elizabeth asks, looking up from her newly purchased and costly looking sake bowl. "Naked?" more...

In Sake, a Taste for Adventure
Katie Marshall | Oct 2, 2012
Eat + Drink | Vines & Wines

Sake rice wine elicits a feeling from the Japanese akin to the enthusiasm Scotch elicits from the Scots and wine elicits more...



A land of contrast, encompassing the
bright lights of chaotic Tokyo and
the elegant history of Kyoto.

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