“The Mayor of Delwara”
Jordan Bower | Dec 16, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Guides

"I'm the mayor of Delwara," says Akhtar, a young man living in the small Rajasthani town. You can tell by the way the shopkee more...

In Rajasthan, A Range
of Emotion
Dave Bowden | Aug 1, 2013
See + Do | Must Sees

"The Land of Kings." It's a lofty title to live up to, but to hear B&R's Lucy Davison tell it, Rajasthan fits the bill. more...

Etiquette in India
Karen MacRae | Jul 29, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

If you're going to get in deep and up close, you'll need to learn how to do as the locals do. more...

Udaipur and the Maharanas
B&R Staff | Jul 17, 2013
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Derived from the from the words rana (“warrior”) and raja (“ruler”), Maharana is the title granted to the proudest an more...

Know Before You Go: India Travel Tips
Dave Bowden | Jun 11, 2013
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In this ongoing series, we help you get in deep and up close on your holiday in India—without frying your cell phone or bri more...

Honeymooning, B&R Style
Dave Bowden | Feb 1, 2013
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B&R Trip Advisor Stephanie Hill explains how a certain acronym granted her unique access on her honeymoon in India. more...

India: Experiential and Extraordinary
Norman Howe | May 9, 2012
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India is an extraordinary, life changing destination for family travel. It is a destination that fully envelops you and will more...

The New York Times:
India on $1,000 a Day
Kathy Stewart | Jan 1, 2012
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City hopping by private jet, mingling with maharajas in their palaces, hanging out with world famous artists in their atelier more...

Colourful Kerala
B&R Staff | May 5, 2011
See + Do | Must Sees

Butterfield & Robinson welcomes you to Kerala; a secret slice of heaven right here on Earth. more...



The land of kings and camels, where
curry and karma entice, mountains
soar and vast tracts of
desert humble.

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