B&R co-founder George Butterfield once famously proclaimed, “We never wanted to be the biggest travel company in the world, just the best.”

As the blog of Butterfield & Robinson, The Slow Road has adopted the same mentality, and today we’re exceptionally proud to say that our mission has apparently been accomplished. Travel + Leisure magazine has named The Slow Road a Best Blog winner in its annual Social Media in Travel & Tourism Awards, the SMITTYs.

First started in 2012, the SMITTYs honour and acknowledge those in the travel industry who are doing an exceptional job utilizing social media platforms to interact with their audiences. In addition to Best Blog, other awards include Best Overall Use of Social Media, Best Use of Facebook, Best Use of Twitter and more.

At The Slow Road our goal is to not just “cover” a country or region; we harness the travel intelligence of B&R’s expert team — not to mention our nearly 50 years of experience — to provide you with the insight and expertise you need to immerse yourself in it.

It’s a labour of love, and an absolute thrill to be recognized for doing online what B&R’s been doing for nearly half a century: introducing people to our favourite places in the world by sharing our knowledge and passion.

Thank you Travel + Leisure!

Click here to see the full story in Travel + Leisure magazine.

About the Author

Dave BowdenAfter wandering through the worlds of magazine and newspaper publishing, Slow Road editor Dave Bowden traded ink on his fingers for stamps on his passport when he stumbled upon Butterfield & Robinson. He’s embarrassed by the noise he made when he found out about this award—who knew glass could break at that frequency?

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