We at The Slow Road answer to many names (wanderers, bon vivants, students of life) but first and foremost, we’re a group of dedicated travellers. We’ve put together reading lists, which include books about Puglia —from novels to great guidebooks—that have really opened up our favourite regions. Many of these works capture the special qualities of a particular region and will provide you a much deeper sense of history and its people.

Must-Read Books about Puglia

Books About PugliaThe Italians
Luigi Barzini
The definitive portrait of the Italian people, this is a classic, scholarly essay on the Italian character. Though first published in 1964, it’s still worth reading for its insight, grace and wit.

Books About PugliaA Traveller’s History of Italy
Valerio Lintner
A brief history of Italy through the 1990s — wide-ranging, accessible and necessarily condensed. With a useful chronology and historical gazetteer, this book marches confidently through the centuries.

Books About PugliaCasa Rossa
Francesca Marciano
A vivid novel following the lives of a mother, daughter, and granddaughter from Puglia over the course of the 20th century, opening as the narrator prepares to sell Casa Rossa, the family farm.

Books About PugliaChrist Stopped at Eboli, The Story of a Year
Carlo Levi | Frances Frenaye
An affecting memoir of southern Italy, originally published in 1947, it stems from the author’s forced relocation to the region as punishment for anti-fascist political activity.

Books About PugliaLa Bella Figura, A Field Guide to the Italian Mind
Beppe Severgini
Italians themselves love this guide to the Italian character, which addresses their never-ending passion for beauty, disorder and high emotion. Severgnini opens the book with a snapshot of the hubbub at Malpensa Airport, then moves on to Tuscany, Rome, Naples and Sardinia.

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