Camino de Santiago

“The Transcendent”

Legend has it that a mysterious star lit the way to the relics of Saint James. Millions of pilgrims have travelled along the Camino de Santiago since the Middle Ages, among them princes, paupers and even pontiffs. But along this humble route, it doesn’t matter who you are: it’s the journey that matters. Be drawn to the light of the Compostela, and perhaps find a glimpse of enlightenment yourself.

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Combines the hallmarks of any B&R itinerary (excellent hotels and beautiful routes) with the freedom of pacing each day exactly the way you like.

Daytime Guided

Throughout the day, a knowledgeable local guide provides insider access and expert tips. At night, you can explore and dine on your own.

24/7 Guided

Our B&R guides are with you throughout, anticipating needs, translating languages, providing advice and—above all—facilitating fun.

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Scheduled & Private Trips

All of our scheduled trips can be booked as private trips (your dates, your group).



The right number of like-minded travellers to make new friends.


Your dates. Your group. Our expertly-designed itinerary.


Tailored to your interests, a bespoke travel experience.



“I can’t say I really ‘work out,’ but I’m in good shape and am relatively active.”


“I enjoy a good walk or ride, and feel comfortable while on the move.”


“I get moving at least once a week, and don’t mind a little sweat.”


“I get moving a few times per week and enjoy some exertion.”


“I want to feel invigorated each day and going hard is how I like to do that.”

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We use premium hotels that are unique expressions of the region. Often they’ve had a previous life as a monastery or a castle, but in every case they offer an exceptionally comfortable stay.


These are stylish 4-star properties that offer a casual and comfortable stay. Often without a 24-hour concierge or room service, they tend to be smaller family-run hotels that are perfect for the region.


Go Bespoke

We craft extraordinary experiences, tailor made to meet your every need,
with every stitch of every day crafted just the way you want it.

Meet our Camino de Santiago Experts

Christine Tucker

Trip Designer

It’s a tale as old as time—or at least as old as B&R. There was Christine Tucker on a beach in Costa Rica. Surfing. Chilling. Minding her own business, really. When she got to chatting with a B&R guide, she thought, “That sounds like a good gig.” As one of our Trip Designers, Christine now combines her decade of experience with the same adventurous spirit that brought her to that fateful beach in the first place.

Meet Christine

Kathy Stewart

Region Director

Expert Trip Designer Kathy Stewart visited more than 30 countries by the age of 18 and has a natural knack for revealing a region’s most authentic (and fun!) experiences. While the moniker “Chatty Kathy” wasn’t actually invented for her, it might as well have been.

Meet Kathy

Mark Harris

Travel Advisor

Mark’s thirst for adventure began with family vacations, and evolved into backpacking with friends around Europe. An accomplished composer, his music has been performed across Canada, giving him the perfect excuse to traverse the country. His current quest is to find the best ice cream recipe in the world (suggestions welcome). Call Mark at 1-800-678-1147 x 217.

Ride the ancient route.

See For YourselfCamino de Santiago Biking

You asked what stood out; the list is too long to mention all and is truly most everything. Thank you for your hard work and attention to the little things.

— Doug & Mimi Traina
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