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Burgundy Canal Cruise Biking

Cruise along the charming Burgundy Canal in your luxury barge hopping off to cycle vineyard-terraced hills and rural countryside in one of the prettiest parts of France.

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Bordeaux River Cruise Biking

Cruise down the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers and cycle past medieval villages, magnificent châteaux and alongside vineyards that belong to some of the most celebrated appellations in the world.

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Normandy & Brittany Bespoke

Normandy and Brittany are filled with history, seafood and countless activities. Make your way to Northern France and experience it first hand. Bon voyage!

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Southwest France Bespoke

Countless vineyards saturate Southwest France and imposing castles are not hard to come by. Enjoy the scenery, the wine, and the slow and steady pace of life.

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Atlantic France Bespoke

Take a unique journey through the region of Atlantic France enjoying stunning seascapes, fresh oysters and private dinners in historic landmarks. 

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Burgundy Bespoke

Famed for wines, mustards, canals and palaces, Burgundy is the perfect getaway for your palate and your sense of adventure.

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Alsace Bespoke

The endless vineyards that surround the fairytale villages of Alsace make the perfect location to bike, hike and more. The cuisine and wine also make for the perfect reward after a hard days work.

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Corsica Bespoke

White cliffs, azure lagoons, ultramarine blue skies and soaring mountains offer a dramatic welcome to this glamorous Mediterranean island.

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Loire Valley Bespoke

Uncover centuries of history, epic bike rides and cuisine fit for a king—we’ll take you straight to heart of it.

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Dordogne Walking

Follow the Dordogne upstream, taking in the medieval castles, vineyards and prehistoric cave paintings along the way.

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