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Rwanda Walking + Gorilla Trekking

Hike through Rwanda’s mountain ranges, hidden inland beaches, bustling cities and cloud forests—tracking some of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas.

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Tanzania Walking Private

Traverse breathtaking trails and experience incredible first hand encounters on this magnificent journey through Northern Tanzania.

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Kenya & Tanzania Safari Private

From unforgettable savannah sunsets to the thrill of the Great Migration, you’ll explore two of Africa’s most enticing countries on this exciting safari.

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Jordan Hiking Expedition

Revel in Jordan’s traditional atmosphere as you trek through its desert landscapes, friendly mountain towns and discover the ancient city of Petra.

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Jordan Hiking Private

Dine on authentic Bedouin cuisine, float in the dead sea, and weave your way through the colourful sandstone canyons of Petra in the magical kingdom of Jordan.

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Southern Tanzania Walking Safari Private

Stay at luxury camps, spend a night beneath the African stars and make friends with elephants and antelopes. This is a true safari experience as it was meant to be.

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Northern Tanzania Safari Private

Hang out with tree-climbing lions, make friends with the local Maasai tribe at your luxury camp in the Ngorongoro Crater and watch as thousands of wildebeests and zebras race through the Serengeti.

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South Africa Walking Safari Private

Journey from Cape Town into the remote northern reserves of South Africa, where the wildlife viewing is outstanding and the history of the nature reserves is compelling.

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Kenya Walking Safari Private

Journey into the Kenyan wilderness and immerse yourself in the country’s dramatic scenery, enduring people, and abundant animal life.

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Kenya Safari Private

Witness tribal rituals, explore Big Five territory, hike along ancient elephant routes and stay in some of the greatest luxury wilderness camps Kenya has to offer.

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