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For some kids, a family vacation means a week at Disney World or a day at the beach. For South Africa native Michele Harvey, it meant an army escort through what was then Rhodesia during the height of its civil war—so yeah, you could say that adventuring through Africa comes naturally to her. Fortunately for us, the only thing she loves more than traipsing across her native continent is helping others do the same, which makes her the perfect person to design our portfolio of immersive and exploratory African adventures.

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  • B&R's first-ever guide in South Africa, then went on to guide in Europe.
  • Put "speaks Dutch" on her resumé when she applied; neglected to mention it was 17thC Dutch, aka Afrikaans.
  • Was so damn charming, we hired her anyway.
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On family holidays in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, we would travel in convoy with the army because the civil war was at its height, and all civilian movements were under armed convoy.

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Our trip to South Africa with Michele was easily the most rewarding trip our family's ever taken. We knew we'd get to see some interesting wildlife and sample some excellent wine, but we didn't expect to find such a bustling, lively and absolutely vibrant city in Cape Town! From the hotels we stayed at to the (many) great restaurants, it was a total revelation.

— Maria Gabbiano

I barely have the words to describe the trip Michele planned for us to Botswana. My biggest fear was that a trip to a safari camp would feel like a glorified petting zoo, but from the first-rate lodging to the amazing stories of the locals we met, I don't even think the word "authentic" quite covers it. Maybe my daughter put it best when she simply said "Wow! "

— Michael Nelson

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