Take Off Like a Man on These High-Adrenaline Guy Getaways

Published by The Wall Street Journal | By Jen Murphy

The golf course just doesn’t cut it any more. Today, Type-A men are turning to extreme vacations to bond and blow off steam—together

“Last February, Morgan Callagy found himself a very long way from his home and office, which was precisely where he wanted to be. After a day heli-skiing in untouched powder in the Italian Alps, the London-based general partner at private-equity firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson and 9 of his closest male friends had crossed the border to Val d’Isère, France. There, at La Folie Douce—an après-ski bacchanal where neon-costumed revelers dance to Europop and drink Jägermeister shots served on wooden skis—Mr. Callagy and his crew boogied on the rafters in vintage Bogner ski suits and blond mullet wigs.

Enough diversion? Not at all. After the sun went down, the guys swapped their wigs for headlamps and snow shoes and trudged a mile through the woods with their guides to an abandoned mountain farmhouse, where they sat on pointedly rugged animal skins around a candlelit table and ate a meal of côte de boeuf cooked on an open fire and washed down with multiple rounds of Génépi, a potent herbal liqueur. “For those few hours, we got to forget all about the real world,” Mr. Callagy said. “It was one of the most memorable days of my life.”

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