A Day on Provence Bistro Biking

There’s nothing typical about it.

8:12 am

A terrace full of sunshine, café au lait, and the hotel owner’s fresh croissants straight from the oven. Just as I thought: it doesn’t have to be fancy to be amazing.

10:43 am

Our local guide, Mathilde, says Les Baux was home to the Middle Age troubadour poets. I’d like to read a poem written for the occasion…

10:47 am

Note to self. Cycling and poetry don’t mix.

12:10 pm

Not too happy about that last hill. Until I stumbled on this beautiful picnic spread laid out by our guides in a private garden. The musicians? A nice unexpected touch.

12:45 pm

After a glass of rosé, too much tarte tatin, and some very impromptu dancing, that climb went from mountain to molehill.

1:42 pm

Pull into St-Rémy. Open-air markets, hip little art galleries, winding medieval streets. Google “Authentic Provence” and I’m pretty sure this comes up.

2:31 pm

Another hill, and there’s the B&R van ready to lend assistance. Fresh water, a banana, and I’ll keep right on pedalling, thank you.

3:23 pm

Partner wants to get her “fields of lavender” picture just right. But I’ve got a massage table at the hotel with my name on it. Relationships are about compromise.

6:10 pm

Game of boules over pastis with the locals. (Think I just beat the town mayor.)

7:28 pm

Some couple time: dinner on our own in a beautiful hilltop village. Honey, two tables over. Would that be Peter Mayle?

10:12 pm

Early to bed—I’m part of the group doing the Mont-Ventoux tomorrow. Partner had other ideas, but I’ve got to rest up!

12:12 (am)

Midnight star-gazing with a bottle of Chateauneuf. Ah well. Relationships are about compromise.