A Day on Amalfi Coast Walking

There’s nothing typical about it.

8:02 am

Roll over in bed for a little spooning. Unfortunately, bedmate has left for the Herald Tribune and cornetto downstairs. Life on Capri is a bowl of cherries, despite the lack of spoon.

8:37 am

Private launch from Marina Piccola to mainland. Acqua minerale, sea air and sunshine make every day a good hair day.

9:18 am

Shuttle from Marina Grande to another world. It’s called the Pathway of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei) and here the aforementioned sea air is scented with lemon (groves).

9:34 am

Take in mountain views that surely the gods themselves crafted. Remind yourself how fortunate you are.

10:27 am

A plaque points out that an economist named Giustino Fortunato named the pathway. Remind yourself how Fortunato you are.

12:32 pm

Salvatore’s salsiccia, bocconcini and pane rustico next to a tiny stone hut. Doze off under lemon tree.

2:14 pm

Awake to see Salvatore’s hand-penned (in Italian) salsiccia recipe tucked into your shirt pocket. It seems as though you were raving about it.

2:25 pm

Faced with a fork in the road, you take the path more often travelled. It makes no difference—they’re both stunning.

3:38 pm

The path finished, an awaiting vehicle whisks you to the Hotel Le Sirenuse in Positano. Bellini? Molto buono!

5:11 pm

Partner heads off to the spa. You pull off a truly impressive cannonball and soak up sun poolside.

7:05 pm

Have a view-inspired chat with the two architects in the group about building on hillsides. Talk about steep learning curves!

8:23 pm

Adjourn to dinner under the candlelight of true chandeliers, the sparkling lights of the town and yachts below. Sip grappa and share a laugh with owner Antonio, whose noble ancestry vacationed in this very room a couple of centuries ago. A setting fit for a duke indeed.

11:03 pm

Read three paragraphs under fresh white sheets. Bedmate displays that in Italy spooning is nocturnal. Bellissimo.


(And Occasionally Award-Winning)

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