A Day on Burgundy Self-Guided Biking

There’s nothing typical about it.

9:20 am

I open my eyes and feel guilty for sleeping in past nine. The moment passes quickly as I realize my lovely husband has already ordered in coffee, yoghurt and my now ritual morning pain au chocolat. He’s a keeper.

10:32 am

In the courtyard of our boutique hotel (which also happens to be an 18thC château) the friendly concierge points us to where our B&R bikes have been placed. With our detailed route notes installed on our handlebar bags, we pedal into the vineyards.

11:50 pm

During a roadside photo op a man emerges from the vines and waves us over. He wants to show us how well the grapes are doing. My husband loves to talk of terrior and wine. I simply love wine. 

1:11 pm

The bistro recommended in our trip booklet doesn’t disappoint; salade de chevre chaud, a glass of Meursault and some time watching the traffic go by. Three cars, two tractors and a goat in one hour. 

3:01 pm

We roll into medieval Beaune and park our bikes at the hotel. The clouds that hastened our arrival have drifted away, so a drink on one of the dozen patios nearby is back in play. But first, a soak in the tub for me and a catnap for him.

5:33 pm

Tomorrow is our private wine tasting but we stop in at one of the nearby wine shops to take a look.

5:57 pm

Can’t resist the charm of the sommelier nor the quality of the wines.  Drop our recent purchase back at hotel.

6:15 pm

B&R’s friend Sherry leads us on a short historical walk through Beaune’s cobbled streets, arriving at the Hospices. It is breathtaking. Walking through its rooms I am transported back in time!

10:25 pm

Strolling arm in arm back from dinner, I gaze into the storefronts making a list of where I need to shop tomorrow. Good thing I packed that extra bag… .


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