A Day on Puglia Biking

There’s nothing typical about it.

8:21 am

How is it they make the best coffee in Italy? Cappuccino for me and a latte for my partner as our guide talks us through the plan for today.

9:47 am

Arriving in ‘La Citta Bianca’ Otsuni we’re blinded by its whitewashed walls. Paola, our local guide, explains the old town is painted annually with lime to keep the buildings cool. Sure looks cool to me.

11:08 am

The dentist from Austin proves to be a good cyclist for me to keep pace with…or maybe he should be keeping pace with me. (No wonder my daughter calls me competitive.)

12:41 pm

Lunch is absolutely sublime—and I NEVER use that word. An unbelievable setting among ancient olive groves makes the simple but delicious local spread my favourite meal so far. I watch my intake though, with plans to overtake that dentist.

2:32 pm

The rolling vineyards and stonewalls eventually give way to the Adriatic. Seaside breeze is welcome, as will that cold beer poolside I’m anticipating.

4:18 pm

Rolling into the hotel, I spy my wife who is already poolside. I announce my arrival with a perfectly placed cannonball. The dripping dentist smiles wryly. Maybe not my best idea…

6:36 pm

Gathering for pre-dinner drinks on the hotel rooftop, we’re surprised by a local magician, whose mediocre magic eventually gives way to it actually being our guide in costume presenting us with B&R jerseys. Where do they find these crazy-fun people?!

8:23 pm

Off to town for dinner at the the region’s hippest restaurant. Fresh seafood, crisp local wines and our dapper host Leo make it a memorable night. Beachside bliss.

11:03 pm

Strolling through the hotel courtyard, I eye the pool and am tempted to make another splash. My mindreader wife tugs my arm towards bed instead.


(And Occasionally Award-Winning)

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