“The Bounty”

A breadbasket for Italy, the Veneto is home to lovers of good food and drink (you may have heard of two of their hallmarks, the exquisite Valpolicella and Amarone). Add in the excellent riding, warm hospitality and colourful local personalities, and you’ll pretty quickly come to understand why we’ve been going there for so many years.

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Meet our Veneto Experts

Nathan Lane

Trip Designer

Even Peter Pan grows up, and so did Nathan Lane—but not before guiding more than 75 trips for B&R in his own inimitable way. As a Trip Designer, he now crafts the sort of experiences he used to facilitate as a guide. And no, he isn’t that Nathan Lane. (But he loved him in The Producers.)

Meet Nathan

Caitlin Ryan

Travel Advisor

Caitlin’s love of travel began at a young age and led her to study in France, New York City and Australia. Cait is well loved by her colleagues, and not just because she bakes amazing cupcakes—though it certainly doesn’t hurt. Call Caitlin at 1-800-678-1147 x 258.

B&R provides perfect trips - great guides, delightful locale, hotels, meals, program, equipment—and they are flexible and meet every need. They don't expect us to think, worry or do any work. Life doesn't get better than this. No other company is so consistent in providing perfect holidays!

—BJ Hess

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The tour d’elegance features pit stops at five-star hotels and Michelin-decorated restaurants, as well as expert-led tours of the cities. No need to worry about stamina—a support van accompanies cyclists in case of punctured tires or overzealous gourmandising.”

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