Bordeaux & Dordogne

“The Bucolic”

Ride through Bordeaux‘s countless vineyards, becoming familiar with its famous wines, and follow the Dordogne River upstream into the region that shares its name, noticing the slow and steady pace of life. With its imposing castles and prehistoric caves, the Dordogne is bound to capture your imagination.

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Meet our Bordeaux & Dordogne Experts

Allison Barnes

Travel Advisor

When Allison interviewed at B&R, we planned to ask if she shared our passion for adventure, food and the open road. Then we saw her resumé: Worked amongst grizzly bears at a private wildlife lodge. Travelled Africa working for the Tour d’Afrique bike race. Cooked for cyclists riding from Turkey to Uzbekistan. After all that, all we asked was “When can you start?” Call Allison at 1-800-678-1147 x 457.

Bike through (or at least, beside)
Bordeaux’s famous vines.

See (& Sip) For YourselfBordeaux & Dordogne Biking

There are way too many wonderful moments to pick just one - or even 10! Every day was more memorable than the last!

— Susan Corson

Bordeaux & Dordogne insights from our award-winning blog,Dordogne

When in Rome St. Emilion…

Taste For Yourself Bordeaux Biking Private

In the News

“Riding along historic routes, Butterfield & Robinson’s tour will have you staying in crumbling castles (like Le Vieux Logis and the Chateau Cordeillan-Bages), exploring vineyards, and tasting the best local cuisine available.”

— The Daily Meal READ THE STORY
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