“The Seeker”

The jagged strip of land stretching from the Gulf of Trieste to Dubrovnik, and further south past the coast of modern-day Montenegro, presents one of the most splendid scenes in the Mediterranean. Thousands of islands confuse the coastline, and the towns hide some of the finest buildings the Venetians ever built.

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Tom Abraham

Trip Designer

Private Trip Designer Tom Abraham spent his childhood staring at depictions of tigers, the Taj Mahal, the Himalayas and many more far-flung corners of the globe. Today... well, today he does pretty much the same thing, but now it's considered "research."

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Mark Harris

Travel Advisor

Mark’s thirst for adventure began with family vacations, and evolved into backpacking with friends around Europe. An accomplished composer, his music has been performed across Canada, giving him the perfect excuse to traverse the country. His current quest is to find the best ice cream recipe in the world (suggestions welcome). Call Mark at 1-800-678-1147 x 217.

This trip left us with so many memorable moments: sailing out of Hvar, cheering with a glass of Prosecco to our gorgeous cycling routes, laughing with the captain's jokes, dancing on the deck after dinner, following the sun setting on the horizon. We’ll never forget it!

— Isabelle Peters

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While there is some lovely level pedaling along the seashore and through tranquil vineyards and olive groves, there are also plenty of long, gradual climbs on hairpin switchbacks, followed by thrilling miles-long downhills. But the pace is mellow, and often electric bikes can be arranged to make the climbs easier.

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