“The Infinite”

The extraordinary richness of the diversity of India can only be described as a bewitching explosion of dazzling colours, sounds and stark contrasts. The omnipresent colour, the irony of an elephant traffic jam, contrasting with the opulence of the palaces and forts we visit and stay in, the experiences are endless.

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Meet our India Experts

Karen MacRae

Trip Designer

With stints living and working in Myanmar and Thailand before becoming B&R’s Regional Director for India, Karen's resumé racked up nearly as many pages as her passport. After 10 years in Asia, she now distills her passion and knowledge into exceptionally curated experiences as a Private Trip Designer.

Meet Karen

Steve Wilson

Trip Designer

Picking up a travel book unleashed Steve Wilson's thirst for wanderlust, permanently sidetracking his utterly orthodox career in the financial industry. (Funny how reading finance books never seems to have the reverse effect.) Now a Private Trip Designer for B&R, he crafts incredible journeys to Latin America and South Asia.

Meet Steve

Kristi Elborne

Director of Asia-Pacific

Kristi cut her teeth with B&R guiding in the treacherous Provençal countryside. When life on the road became too dangerous—those boules fly fast!—she quickly found a home on our Trip Planning team. She’s travelled extensively though both Asia and Europe, and can speak four languages. Fortunately for us, she remains humble in each of them.

The best moments were the unscripted ones—buying masala tea from a roadside stand, bargaining with local villagers for costume jewelry, talking to local school children.

— Lisetta Lavy

Experience unrelenting Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Walking Private

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