We want to redefine what a business perk can be—and how your client perceives the term return on investment.

(un)Common Luxury

To be honest, we’re not the corporate types. We don’t wear ties. We don’t like elevators. And we’re not good at morning commutes (unless they’re to the local market). We embrace the unexpected, and like to keep things unpredictable. Corporate travel? We prefer the moniker (Un)corporate. But that’s not to say we don’t mean business. Our boardrooms are technological marvels (they don’t have walls). We provide the finest refreshments (three star Michelin when required). And we have access to the best facilitators, industrial psychologists and business profs on the planet (it never hurts to be connected).

(un)Corporate Travel is about shaking up the stereotype of what a corporate trip can be; imagine hosting picnic meetings in the Bordeaux countryside, catching up on emails over tapas in Seville or tackling a brainstorming session at 11,000 feet, while overlooking the Aspen countryside. Our (un)Corporate program doesn’t follow any formula, but it does consist of the following three categories:

1. (un)Leash Their Potential | Rewards & Incentives

David Ogilvy used to say his ad agency’s assets went down the elevator every night. Nobody on Madison Ave. understood this better than he did, which is why he concentrated so hard on motivating and rewarding his people. According to a recent study by McKinsey, the single most important corporate resource over the next 20 years will be talent. Our incentive reward trips are designed for organizations seeking to recruit, reward, retain and motivate their best employees. We operate on the stunningly simple premise that if you want someone to feel valued, then you should give them something valuable: a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience orchestrated by the best in the business.

2. (un)Believable Bonding | Client Hospitality

Saying thank you to your clients with a journey they’ll never forget is one thing. But to develop a deeper relationship with them at the same time? To share joyful memories that will last forever? Talk about R.O.I. At Butterfield & Robinson, “taking a client to dinner” means setting crab nets together, pulling them up, and cooking a feast on the beach; “grabbing a drink together” means pedaling to an august vineyard in the heart of Burgundy and sampling the best Grand Crus in the private cellar; and “a round of golf” means taking in the craggy rocks and superb views of Turnberry.

3. (un)Rivalled Team Building | Executive Retreats

There’s nothing like getting out of the office – the city – the country -to spark the imagination and develop deeper relationships. We work closely with educators to design unforgettable learning experiences. But we’re not all work and no play. We’re adept at creating itineraries that find the perfect balance. In Provence, a morning work session in a 12thC monastery is followed by an afternoon ride from one hilltop village to another; which is followed by a grueling wine-tasting and Michelin-starred dinner. In Georgia, a breakout session at Cuscowilla in the golden fescue around the 18th is followed by a leisurely stroll across the hallowed grounds of Augusta National as you follow Tiger Woods at the Masters.

Don’t feel limited by our suggestions though; with the help of B&R’s Private Trip Designers, you’ll be able to create a custom package worthy of resounding acclaim. We love a challenge—so don’t hesitate to contact us with your wildest ideas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1.866.551.9090 or uncorporate@butterfield.com to book your (un)Corporate adventure.

In the 46 years since B&R was conceived, we’ve had the opportunity to tailor trips for some prestigious travellers, including CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, major league ballplayers and noted musicians. Here’s what some of them have said about B&R’s (un)Corporate Travel:

B&R’s inspired trip designs and unfailing attention to detail were key to our very successful travel program for the president of our college and small groups of major donors. In preparation of our capital campaign, our goal was to cultivate strong relationships at the heart of our institution. By every measure, the program exceeded expectations and, beyond cultivation, generated very significant giving to the college.

—Alumni Travel Über-Planner

Our B&R trips were of great benefit in creating a strong sense of teamwork amongst our executives and Board members. The environment allowed us to really get to know each other—and the trip left us with a strong sense of what needed to be done to make our company better. It was also a great way to thank our key employees.

—Big-Time Mining CEO