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Our theme this year is greatness.

Not niceness, that inoffensive virtue, but greatness. The greatness of a journey that peels a good decade off of your skin. The greatness of landing in an unfamiliar land, of befriending it and its people. The greatness of the perfect descent down a hard-earned slope. And, above all, the greatness of you—that part that’s still open, still learning, and still surprising the heck out of yourself.

This year, we’re toasting that greatness. Every journey included in these pages is a paean to it: thoughtful, celebratory, and a little wrenching (in the best of ways).

Won’t you join us?

George Butterfield, Co-founder

P.S. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the new GPS tablets on all our bikes in Europe. Expect the easiest route suggestions you could ever dream of!  That said, I still think getting lost is half the fun, so I may not turn mine on.


(And Occasionally Award-Winning)

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