Our Brochure

I’ve been on an awful lot of B&R trips in my time (quality control is a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it) and I can safely say I remember every trip I’ve ever been on. Vividly.

For many of the trips, some of the names have faded—but not the poignant B&R moments. Those are etched in my memory like they happened yesterday. The surprise choral recital in Sénanque. Meeting the eye of a gorilla in Rwanda. Walking the Ingólfshöfði peninsula in the midnight sun. Those are ineffable B&R moments.

If you take a trip with B&R in 2015, I can’t guarantee years from now you’ll remember the names of the hotels you stayed at. But I can guarantee you’ll remember the epiphanies you had. The moments of clarity. The moments of hilarity. The moments that altered your perception of the world.

I encourage you to journey through this book. Perhaps there’s a region that will catch your eye. Vietnam, “The Chimera”, has caught mine. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there.

See you on the road,
George Butterfield, Co-founder