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The End of the Earth

The end of the Earth is really just the beginning. Patagonia, a rocky chunk of southern Argentina shaped by glaciers and conquered by a precious, hardy few, is where adventure goes to get away from it all. Out here, it’s all about space—vast open spaces where locals are known to drive eight hours to see a movie. With our customized Patagonia adventure travel, the possibilities are as infinite as the views.

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The best time to visit Patagonia is October-March.

Trip Ideas

Patagonia Classic

Boots laced, walk wind-swept steppes to Lago Argentino as condors patrol the skies above. Crampons firmly affixed, ascend Perito Moreno Glacier to gaze 61 metres (200 feet) down at crystal-clear lakes. From the saddle, cross glacial streams to a picnic lunch and mind-blowing mountain vistas far outside cellphone range. “Remote access” has a new definition and the options are limitless.

  • Arrive by private boat for a visit to the Bosque de Arraynes, a forest known for its rare and unusual trees with cinnamon-colored bark
  • Indulge in gourmet meals and spa treatment at a spectacular lakeside resort surrounded by rain forests and high peaks covered with eternal snow
  • Strap on crampons and climb Perito Moreno Glacier, towering 200ft. above crystal-blue waters

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Patagonia Family

Patagonia may be vast and nearly deserted, but it’s bursting with things for the family to do. Coast past icebergs and the glaciers one day, grab a sweater (and ice-cleats) and walk across one the next. Ride with cowboys all day and snack on barbecued asado at night. Kayak and rappel in Nahuel Huapi National Park. For a place famed for its emptiness, the days sure seem full.

  • Hike or horseback-ride across a glacial stream to a picnic lunch in the shadow of the mountains
  • Sleep over at an Estancia, a cattle ranch-turned-luxury-resort deep in the mountains
  • Hike Lake Sofia and keep your eyes peeled for traces of the ancient Saber-toothed tiger!
  • Dine on a traditional asado lunch, prepared by genuine gauchos at our working estancia

Inspired? Craft a similar Bespoke guided trip starting from $1,000-$2,000 per person per night.

Patagonia Bespoke

Feature Hotels

Eolo, La Anita Valley

This comfortable country lodge pays tribute to ancient Patagonian estancias and provides guests with the modern comforts of 17 spacious suites, each offering views of the Lago Argentino, La Anita valley, the Torres del Paine or the Rico branch. Thirty minutes away from El Calafate, Eolo is strategically located in La Anita valley and stretches over a 3,000 hectare property, creating a unique retreat embodying the spirit of Patagonia. View hotel website »

Estancia Cristina, Santa Cruz

Located on the northwest shore of the Argentine Lake, Estancia Cristina sits in a unique corner of Los Glaciares National Park and provides exclusive access to the most stunning sights of the Upsala Glacier. The estancia offers 20 elegant rooms distributed throughout 5 cabins, exquisite Patagonian gastronomy, a museum and a variety of activities to enjoy of this wonderful region. View hotel website »

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“B&R travel is seamless. The pre-trip informational packet was amazing, the guides were awesome, the food was delicious and the wine was flowing We loved our experience and would definitely return to ride skinny tires with your company again.”

— Julianne Major, 2013

Patagonia Bespoke

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