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Where coastlines and countryside harmoniously reside

The province of Normandy is a land of welcomed simplicity. From its food (where seafood is king), to its quaint countryside, sometimes it’s nice to get away from hustle and bustle and unwind in uncomplicated territory. Take in flowing cliffs and golden sands that look as though they’ve been taken from the covers of your favourite romance novel (you know, that space behind the bare-chested male.) However, a trip to Normandy isn’t complete without traversing the battlegrounds of D-Day, a truly unforgettable experience.

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The best time of year to visit Normandy is from June to August.

Trip Ideas

Historic Getaway

Discovering this unforgettable region is like turning the pages of a history book while taking in the lush and endless fields, white sandy beaches, quaint thatched cottages and numerous ancient churches; the combination of these elements creating the unique and inspiring region of Normandy.

  • Visit historic locations that have helped shape the course of the 20th century.
  • Explore the site of Utah Beach, made famous by Stephen Ambrose’s Band of Brothers.
  • Listen to a local veteran resistance fighter recount tales from Omaha Beach and D-Day.

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Family Vacation

Forget textbooks and head to the real-life historical classroom of Normandy, the setting of some of the most important moments in modern western civilization. We will trail William the Conquerer and the recent history of WWII and D-Day, then explore the countryside on bikes, beaches and sand yachts.

  • Stroll the pilgrim’s path to Mont St. Michel on a unique tour with the director of religious texts.
  • Follow in the footsteps of Band of Brothers’ Major Winters and his EASY company.
  • See Bayeux and its tapestry story of how the French-English rivalry started.

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Cultural Immersion

Camembert to calvados and years of impactful human history; Normandy is today adored as an idyllic getaway by the French and we’ll bring you through quiet countryside, fisherman’s harbors and chic seaside resorts. All experiences are enhanced by the delicious regional specialties and incredible local experts.

  • Join a biologist dedicated to studying the dolphins populations of the region.
  • Experience the gastronomic marvels found throughout Normandy’s excellent markets and culinary classes.
  • Visit key WWII locations and view William the Conqueror’s 1070’s celebration tapestry.

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Normandy Bespoke

Feature Hotels

Hotel Villa Lara, Bayeux

This 4-star, boutique hotel is located in the centre of historic Bayeux—and faces both an 11thC hotel and the Aure River. The contemporary rooms feature hand-made Moissonnier furniture, flat-screen televisions, air-conditioning and well-equipped mini bars; no convenience has been overlooked. The historic, 68-metre long Bayeux Tapestry is just minutes away. View hotel website »

Maisons de Bricourt, Brittany

Set in one of the most stunning locations in Brittany, the Maisons de Bricourt's most prominent building is a 1920's villa overlooking the Mont St Michel. The property oozes charm and the décor is simple and elegant. This is the perfect finish to your trip! View hotel website »

Ferme Ste. Simeon, Honfleur

This charming and beautiful 5-star luxury hotel is perched on the heights of Honfleur, close to Satie Museum, Eugene Boudin Museum, and 200 metres from the Normandy coast. Ferme Saint Simeon features individually decorated guestrooms, a relaxing spa and a stunning garden and terrace. View hotel website »

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“The roads we used were quiet and very picturesque, the restaurants selected were delicious, the bespoke “extras” (private lunches and dinners, unique guided tours by resistance fighters, etc), made it all the more special.”

— Elizabeth Jick, Bespoke Normandy Biking 2013

Normandy Bespoke

Notes from the Road

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Reading for the Road: Books About Normandy

Many of these works capture the special qualities of a particular region and will provide you a much deeper sense of history and its people.
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