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A land of fun, philosophy and great beer

In Ireland, a pub isn’t just a place to grab a pint. Here, you can immerse yourself in true Irish culture. Tap your feet to a symphony of live music, philosophize with friendly locals and listen to literature with a pint of Guiness in hand on this Ireland luxury travel experience. Explore beyond the beer and merriment to discover the land “that boasts 40 shades of green” with absolutely stunning landscapes and captivating caves. Here, you can’t head for greener pastures. Ireland’s as green as they come.

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The best time of year to visit Ireland is from June to September.

Trip Ideas

Family Vacation

Castles and ruins, green hills and open waters, horseback riding on the beach, tales of faerie folk…what doesn’t Ireland have to hold a child’s imagination? Perhaps the better question is: will their friends back home believe them when they say they slept in a real medieval castle and explored the coast on a bicycle?

  • Try out your medieval skills with an archery lesson and a visit to a falconry school.
  • Learn the best proven techniques for fly fishing.
  • See first hand how to sheer sheep and learn how that turns into a wool and then cloth.

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Walking Adventure

Walk through bogs and alongside loughs, dodge sheep, visit quaint villages, feast on fresh seafood and enjoy the understated luxury of one of the country’s finest castle-hotels, Ballynahinch Castle. Most importantly, rural wanderings put you in touch with the country’s greatest asset—her warm, welcoming people.

  • Walk along the shore of Ireland’s only fjord following the famine relief road built in the 1850s.
  • Visit historic Omey Island and the small fishing port of Cleggan.
  • Hike into the hills of Southern Connemara, the last stronghold of the Irish language.

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Ireland Bespoke

Feature Hotels

Lough Inagh Lodge, Connemara

Nestled in a picturesque setting between the Twelve Bens mountains and the Maum Turk Mountain Range, this cozy fishing lodge boasts some very important features – its own pub, comfortable lounges, and killer views. View hotel website »

Ballynahinch Castle, Connemara

Surrounded by 350 acres of beautiful wooded grounds, Ballynahinch Castle offers all the attractions of a large private estate. Its rooms are tastefully and individually furnished in casual country elegance, and its superb restaurant offers fresh local produce. View hotel website »

Our Trip Designers are a special breed. Part guru, part collaborator, part mind-reader, they have the full breadth of B&R resources at their fingertips. Extraordinarily well-travelled, they’ve been there, lived there, done it, planned it and eaten it, too. With a combined geographic knowledge that’s nothing short of staggering, they can save you literally years of research. Above all, they’re incredibly good at what they do.

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“B&R consistently produces great adventures – they know the neighborhood, have done the research, know the people and have super guides to produce a great trip for you and your family.”

— Richard Fade, Bespoke Ireland with the Kids 2011

Ireland Bespoke

Notes from the Road

St. Patrick and County Mayo

Known as Naomh Pádraig in Gaelic, St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland, credited with bringing Christianity to the Emerald Isle.
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Of Fairways and Fairy Tales

"There is a place where the land is so steeped in golf that it can sometimes be hard to distinguish a city, or even a country, from a golf course."
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On the Emerald Isle, An Awakening Tiger

Since 2008 things have been on the go in Ireland at a slow, but undeniable pace and I have high hopes for the island.
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