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The extraordinary richness of the diversity of India can only be described as a bewitching explosion of dazzling colours, sounds and stark contrasts. Where the North has great forts, the South has temples, where northern cuisine is emphasized by filling meat dishes and influenced by its desert conditions, southern cuisine is subtle and light but fiery and influenced by sea. Sandwiched between the north and south is Central India, the “Heart” with its picturesque vineyards, beautiful beaches, Indigenous tribal people, ancient ruins and gorgeous national parks and mountains. Even further north, you’ll discover Golden Temples and the spiritual home of one of India many religions. Join us to explore the land of contrasts on this luxury India travel experience.


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The best time of year to visit India is from October to April.

Trip Ideas

Hidden Rajasthan

Beyond the vibrancy that is India’s cities, you will find the buried treasures of Rajasthan just waiting to be discovered. From the lakeside palaces of Udaipur, to the pink sands and luxurious tented camps of romantic Jaisalmer, travel through history and catch an ephemeral glimpse of India’s most noble and heroic of times.

  • Visit majestic working forts with local experts and dine on cuisine fit for royalty under the stars.
  • Ride through colourful markets to a luxury desert camp and watch the sun set behind the golden dunes of the Thar.
  • Wander through opulent palaces made of marble, explore the quiet back roads of rural towns and drink tea with families in local villages.

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Family Rajasthan

Explore the rural lands of Rajasthan where the cities give way to the smells of exotic spice. Wander down alleyways of towns more ancient than history remembers and take in the extreme grandness of the palaces and forts we visit and stay in. Join us to experience the land of kings and camels, curry and karma, tigers and elephants and gracious people.

  • Explore massive forts, ride camels, meet sacred monkeys and watch elephant polo on the lawns of palaces.
  • Marvel at snake charmers magic shows and learn to make handicrafts and jewelry.
  • Gaze at world famous monuments at sunrise and sleep in treehouses. Spot Bengal tigers, play cricket with locals and climb golden sand dunes.

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India Grand Journey

Experience the backwaters of Alleppy and watch classical Indian dance in Kerala’s intellectual centre, Cochin while dining on freshly caught fish. Learn the history of ancient Hindu temples and cycle through the hills of Tamil Nadu’s hilltop stations. Witness perpetual life and death in one of the oldest living inhabited cities in the world. Let India change you.

  • Cruise the waterways of Alleppy on your private luxury houseboat and experience the slow pace of life in the untouched backwaters.
  • Experience yoga and meditation on sun-drenched white beaches and learn classical dance-drama telling stories of ancient myths.
  • Explore prehistoric caves, marvel at rock paintings, track Bengal tigers and visit bustling markets and their treasure troves.

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India Bespoke

Feature Hotels

The Serai, Jaisalmer

The Serai, a luxurious desert camp and spa close to the medieval city of Jaisalmer is set on a hundred acre private estate amongst the golden sands dunes in the heart of the Thar Desert. Blending modern amenities and service with traditional Rajput style and design, there couldn’t be a better place to experience and discover the mystical Golden City of Rajastan’s best kept secret. View hotel website »

Samode Haveli, Jaipur

Located 25 miles north of Jaipur, the 300 year-old restored Mahraja’s mansion Samode Haveli is a surreal maze of flower-covered courtyards, hidden alcoves and secret staircases. It is a great hotel for kids with pools, playgrounds, puppet shows and dance performances. Decorated with hand-painted murals and luxuriously furnished in rich tapestries it is a perfect hotel to blend city and country while still being close to Jaipur. View hotel website »

Nadesar Palace, Varanasi

Situated on the banks of the holy river Ganges and located in one of the oldest living cities in the world, Nadesar Palace with its works of art from the Maharaja’s collection adorning the walls of its ten luxurious suites and cool elegant marbled luxury this refurbished palace is an tranquil oasis in the midst of a city that never sleeps. View hotel website »

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“The best moments were the unscripted ones — buying masala tea from a roadside stand, bargaining with local villagers for costume jewelry, talking to local school children.”

— Lisetta Lavy, India Biking 2013

India Bespoke

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