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Mountain Peaks and Alpine Meadows

Glorious mountaintops wreathed in mists; fairytale villages with overflowing flower boxes; the bulbous domes of Baroque churches; log farmhouses dotting the valley floors—these are the images you’ll encounter with our Italy adventure travel on the lightly travelled pathways of Italy’s Dolomites, the mountains that divide the Venetian plain from Austria to the north. These “Italian Alps” offer some of the most spectacular mountain walking and exploring in Europe, combining dramatic, jagged peaks with convivial Italian hospitality.

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The best time of year to visit the Dolomites is from June to September.

Trip Ideas

Family Vacation

We take the best of this fairy-tale setting—incredible scenery, rustic mountain huts and delectable cuisine—and weave them together with great activities. From hiking and rock climbing to learning about mountains, unique cultures, and history, there are plenty of options for kids and adults alike. And you’ll find family activities that you can share together, as well as opportunities where kids can be kids and adults can find their own inner child.

  • Learn rock-climbing basics on the majestic Dolomites cliffs – recently designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Experience a via ferrata equipped with headlamps and lead by an expert mountain guide.
  • Discover the incredible history of the World War I activity undertaken in this unique region.

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Dolomites Biking

If you enjoy the challenge of steep cycling ascents, crave altitude and enjoy the rush of breathtaking scenery racing by as you accelerate down off the mountain then the incredible geography of the Dolomites provides just this: a high density of mountain passes within a relatively small area, affording steep ascents and descents on rural roads without traffic. We’ve selected seven of the most beautiful passes in the Dolomites to create the perfect week of biking.

  • Cycle over seven breathtaking Dolomite mountain passes, enjoying fabulous descents into beautiful valleys.
  • Experience Italian, German and Ladin cultures with their traditions that make this region so unique.
  • Explore the must-see peaks: Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Alta Badia and Cortina d’Ampezzo.

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Hiking Scenic Italy

We’ll hike the gorgeous Alta Badia valley gaining an intimate sense of why it is so magical and has such a remarkable history. We strive to uncover this amazing region of Italy that takes us off the beaten path, where people still speak their ancient Germanic-Romantic language and adhere strongly to Ladino culture. Experience diverse and amazing hikes, fabulous hotels and all of the spa-time one deserves after a day of invigorating walking in the mountains.

  • Spend an unforgettable night in the high alpine in a luxurious mountain lodge.
  • Journey through larch forests and meadows, passing the folk art Stations of the Cross.
  • Explore the open air museum of Cinque Torri that was at the head of WWI battle lines in Italy.

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Feature Hotels

Rifugio Averau, Dolomites

Majestically set at 2,413m this welcoming mountain hut holds the ideal atmosphere for mountain adventure combined with all the comforts of a fine hotel. Superb cuisine, warm hospitality and a truly breathtaking view are just a few of the memories that will stay with you long after your descent. View hotel website »

Rosa Alpina, San Cassiano

Rosa Alpina has earned its Relais & Châteaux and Michelin accolades, but what we love most about this understated retreat is its warm hospitality. Hugo Pizzinini welcomes us to the family as soon as we cross the threshold, while Chef Norbert invites us into his kitchen as he prepares dinner. View hotel website »

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“This was truly the best vacation of my life. Each day’s activity was varied, fun and unlike anything I had ever experienced before!”

— Gian Piero Garda, Bespoke Dolomites with the Kids 2011

Dolomites Bespoke

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