In Deep: What You Need to Know About Patagonia
John Lansdell | Aug 4, 2015
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

The end of the Earth is really just the beginning. A rocky chunk of southern Argentina shaped by glaciers and conquered by a more...

Galapagos Islands
A Boat Cruise Around the Galapagos Islands
Veronika Macas | Apr 28, 2015
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

"My time sailing the Galapagos Islands was just that—an exploration. Everyday was a new island, bay or cove, an adventure a more...

Galapagos Islands
An Escape to Eden: My Week in the Galápagos Islands
Veronika Macas | Apr 24, 2015
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

When I first arrived in the Galápagos Islands, my initial thought was, “Have I landed on Mars…?” more...

An Introduction to the Incas
Orsolya Kako | Mar 4, 2015
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

That we know anything at all about the Incas is utterly ironic. Because they had an oral tradition, little is known about the more...

MD Magazine
All in the Family
In the News | Feb 13, 2015
Candyce Stapen | Media Mentions

"Explore volcanoes and coffee plantations, horseback ride to waterfalls, zipline through treetops, and relax in a hammock wit more...

HILuxury Magazine
Natural Selection
In the News | Feb 11, 2015
Corinne Whiting | Media Mentions

"Since 1966, Butterfield & Robinson has offered luxury travel the Galapagos to active folks." more...

Notes From the Road: Patagonia Walking
John Lansdell | Jan 29, 2015
50th Anniversary | Reflections

What is it about this place that exerts such a draw? Explorers, naturalists, adventurers, outlaws and fortune seekers have fo more...

Financial Times
The insiders’ guide to 2015 holidays
In the News | Jan 2, 2015
Tom Robbins | Media Mentions

"From Haiti’s mountains to Namibia’s deserts, a panel of travel industry leaders pick the year’s hotspots." more...

Insider’s Guide:
Things To Do in Quito
Tyler Dillon | Dec 29, 2014
See + Do | Must Sees

If you would like to explore the city centre you will find it quite simple and very rewarding – it is relatively small, and more...

In Pictures: Chile
Steve Wilson | Nov 18, 2014
See + Do | Must Sees

What do you get when you combine new world wine with an old school, European feel? A quintessential B&R trip, as these Chile more...

In Patagonia, Adventures in Uncharted Territory
Agustin Calvetti | Oct 9, 2014
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

It's often a traveller's curiosity that drives them to a particular place. Take Patagonia for example... more...

Galapagos Islands
5 Must-See Galapagos Animals
Tyler Dillon | Aug 15, 2014
Listed | Must Sees

With a wildlife population that attracted no less an authority than Charles Darwin, Galapagos animals are among the world's m more...

Vines 101: Chilean Wine
Steve Wilson | Jul 10, 2014
Eat + Drink | Vines & Wines

Chile may be considered a New World wine region, but the roots of Chilean wine date back to the 16th century. more...

In Deep: Machu Picchu
Tyler Dillon | Jul 2, 2014
See + Do | Must Sees

Machu Picchu remains as much a mystery today as when Hiram Bingham rediscovered the site in 1911. more...

Condé Nast Traveler
Bike Tours That Wine and Dine You
In the News | Jun 25, 2014
Meredith Rosenberg | Media Mentions

"A newly added week-long excursion through Chile offers a moderate pace through wine country..." more...

USA Today
Explore Machu Picchu and Peru
In the News | May 9, 2014
Candyce H. Stapen | Media Mentions

"On a custom Peru family trip you spend time exploring the Lost City of the Incas, the Sacred Valley and Cusco's markets with more...

Bogota’s Cool Quotient
In the News | Apr 30, 2014
Ann Abel | Media Mentions

"For all its appeal, Bogota is as safe as most big cities but not terribly user friendly. It helps to have someone show you a more...

#myBNR: Chile
Steve Wilson | Apr 21, 2014
See + Do | Must See

For B&R guide turned Instagram artiste Steph Gulledge, #myBNR is as culturally and geographically robust as Chile itself. more...

Colombia: An Explorer’s Paradise (Part II)
Tyler Dillon | Apr 15, 2014
Experts +Insiders | Columnists

As cheesy as it sounds, there is a magic in the air. And as much as I may hate to admit it, Colombia’s new motto, “Magica more...

Colombia: An Explorer’s Paradise (Part I)
Tyler Dillon | Apr 15, 2014
Experts +Insiders | Columnists

That's the kind of place Colombia is—this mix of modern hubs like Bogota and tribes that have never seen concrete, mere mil more...

Colombia: Undiscovered
and Emergent
Tyler Dillon | Apr 15, 2014
Experts +Insiders | Columnists

I had heard Colombia described as "a dream state," and what I found fit the bill. more...

#myBNR: Argentina
Dave Bowden | Apr 10, 2014
See + Do | Must Sees

Argentina provides an experience as incredible as it is unforgettable, as evidenced by these amazing shots from our first Arg more...

Back to Nature
In the News | Feb 24, 2014
Sophy Roberts | Media Mentions

"This is how one spends one's time on the islands: hiring boats for visits to beaches unmarked by the footsteps of others..." more...

Galapagos Now
In the News | Jan 15, 2014
Sophy Roberts | Media Mentions

"Thanks to new points of entry by land and sea, the archipelago off the coast of Ecuador is more accessible—and luxurious more...

In Deep: Cuzco
Tyler Dillon | Oct 30, 2013
See + Do | Must Sees

In the days of the Inca, all roads led to Cusco. From here, the Inca ruled over an empire that stretched from modern-day Colo more...

Virtuoso Life
The Line on Lima
In the News | Oct 29, 2013
Accolades | Media Mentions

Chef Brisa Deneumostier's well-traveled career has taken her from Copenhagen's Noma to top kitchens in New York, Phuket, Leba more...

Financial Times
The Galapagos by Land and Sea
In the News | Oct 28, 2013
Sophy Roberts | Media Mentions

"What isn’t open to debate, however, is the man to call for intelligent, low-impact access (to the Galapagos Islands)..." more...

The Morphing Multitudes of the Galapagos Islands
Tyler Dillon | Sep 26, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Columnists

It is balanced, constant, yet constantly struggling at all times. This is what it means to be in the Galapagos, a place that more...

Empanada Recipe
Tyler Dillon | Sep 5, 2013
Eat + Drink | Cuisine

Empanadas can be found across much of Latin America, but we tend to favour this recipe for beef empanadas from our friends in more...

Galapagos Islands
Ceviche: Mysterious Origins, Diverse Flavour
Tyler Dillon | Aug 28, 2013
Eat + Drink | Cuisine

The mysterious origin of ceviche has been the source of heated debate and family blow-ups around the dinner table for years. more...

Mate: Argentina’s
New World Tea
Christine Tucker | Aug 23, 2013
Eat + Drink | Cuisine

More than a drink, it's a tradition, as important to Argentina as mint tea is to Morocco and wine is to Burgundy. more...

José de San Martín,
Saint of the Sword
B&R Staff | Jul 18, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

To fellow Argentineans, he is the symbol of renunciation, sacrifice, bravery, humility and selflessness. In every Argentinean more...

The Best Buenos Aires Hotels
Dave Bowden | Jun 19, 2013
See + Do | Hotels

With its impressive hotel line up, Buenos Aires perfectly blends an old-school European vibe with South America's new-world c more...

Know Before You Go: Argentina Travel Tips
Dave Bowden | Jun 18, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

So, how exactly does one gain access to Argentina? And what kind of currency do you need once you're there? Get these answers more...

Know Before You Go: Peru Travel Tips
Tyler Dillon | May 31, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

In this ongoing series, we pose some essential questions and arm you with the answers of our regional experts to help you get more...

Costa Rica
Incredible Costa Rica
Dave Bowden | May 2, 2013
Accolades | Testimonials

When a few of our travellers wrote to explain what a great time they had in Costa Rica, we were grateful for the reminder tha more...

Matetic Estate: An Unlikely Journey
Lewis Evans | Apr 12, 2013
See + Do | Hotels

It is doubtful that even great-great-grandfather Matetic could have imagined his family's future success. more...

In Peru, New Friends
& New Experiences
B&R Traveller | Apr 9, 2013
Accolades | Testimonials

Traveller Jack Hardin learned firsthand that having a few local friends on the ground is the best introduction to a new place more...

Chef Q&A:
Brisa Deneumostier
Tyler Dillon | Mar 19, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Our Friends

When Brisa Deneumostier's parents named her after the wind (Brisa means breeze in Spanish), they chose a moniker as prescient more...

Insider’s Guide to
Buenos Aires
Agustin Calvetti | Feb 17, 2013
See + Do | Insider's Guides

Our seasoned trip planners compiled a list of B&R-inspired things to see and do in Buenos Aires that you won’t find in a tr more...

Ecuador & Galapagos
Ecuador: So Much to Offer
Dave Bowden | Jan 22, 2013
See + Do | Must Sees

B&R staffer Jeneen Sutherland shares some of her family's favourite moments from their trip to Ecuador. more...

Peruvian Retreats
Katie Marshall | Sep 18, 2012
Featured | Hotels

When it comes to Peru, we could no doubt commit a reservoir of ink to describing the transcendent site that is Machu Picchu. more...

Luxury Latin America
Walking Peru
In the News | Jun 10, 2012
Ellen Barone | Media Mentions

Luxury Latin America profiles B&R. more...

A Patagonian’s Perspective
B&R Staff | Nov 14, 2011
Experts + Insiders | Guides

The mark of any good guide is their ability to take you into the very soul of a place—to help you discover, experience and more...

A traveller’s tale of Argentina
B&R Staff | Sep 12, 2011
See + Do | Must Sees

When Jennifer Alterman offered us this account of her biking adventure in Argentina, we felt there’s no better way to conve more...

The B&R Fund in Peru
B&R Staff | Mar 28, 2011
B&R Fund |

There is no greater eye-opener than experiencing a culture firsthand—to delve into communities, to walk or cycle the land, more...



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