Food and Travel
“Here’s a Hot Trip!”
In the News | Nov 7, 2014
Sally Hammond | Media Mentions

"Now a tour company has paired Alsace with Champagne, allowing participants to experience two traditions—and arguably, two more...

Travel + Leisure
Best Adventure Travel Destinations
In the News | Aug 27, 2014
Peter Koch | Media Mentions

Butterfield & Robinson introduces riders to several of France’s legendary appellations on this casual sip-and-spin. more...

Alsace & Champagne
In Pictures: Alsace & Champagne
Kathy Stewart | Aug 26, 2014
See + Do | Must Sees

In the home of Moet, Dom Perignon and Anselme Selosse, wine is king. (But the food, history and biking are certainly nothing more...

In Deep: Alsace
Anne Zakula | Aug 8, 2014
See + Do | Must Sees

You could be forgiven for finding Alsace's history a tad hard to follow—the region has changed hands more times than a bott more...

Vines 101: Alsace Wine
Kathy Stewart | Aug 8, 2014
Eat + Drink | Vines & Wines

Alsace wine has been made since at least Roman times—so as you can imagine, they've pretty much got the hang of it by now. more...

Things to do in Strasbourg
Kathy Stewart | Aug 6, 2014
See + Do | Must Sees

I've listed some of my favourite things to do in Strasbourg, where unique cultures blend together amidst charming timber-fram more...

Cuisine 101: Alsatian Cuisine
Kathy Stewart | Aug 5, 2014
Eat + Drink | Cuisine 101

According to many Alsatians, the reason the Romans occupied Alsace for so long was because they loved the cooking! more...

The White Storks of Alsace
Erik Rutherford | Oct 24, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Guides

For many centuries, the white storks of Alsace have been a yearly presence during the warmer months, and have featured largel more...


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