Galapagos Islands
5 Must-See Galapagos Animals
Tyler Dillon | Aug 15, 2014
Listed | Must Sees

With a wildlife population that attracted no less an authority than Charles Darwin, Galapagos animals are among the world's m more...

In Deep: Machu Picchu
Tyler Dillon | Jul 2, 2014
See + Do | Must Sees

Machu Picchu remains as much a mystery today as when Hiram Bingham rediscovered the site in 1911. more...

An Awakening Tiger
Tyler Dillon | May 6, 2014
See + Do | Hotels

Since 2008 things have been on the go in Ireland at a slow, but undeniable pace and I have high hopes for the island. more...

Colombia: Undiscovered
and Emergent
Tyler Dillon | Apr 15, 2014
Experts +Insiders | Columnists

I had heard Colombia described as "a dream state," and what I found fit the bill. more...

Insider’s Guide: Dublin Restaurants
Tyler Dillon | Dec 5, 2013
See + Do | Insider's Guide

In the last of our three-part Insider's Guide to Dublin, we recommend a few Dublin restaurants where you can grab a bite (and more...

Insider’s Guide: Dublin Hotels
Tyler Dillon | Nov 11, 2013
See + Do | Insider's Guide

We recommend a few Dublin hotels where you can rest your head after a day spent exploring the capital of the Emerald Isle. more...

Insider’s Guide: Things
to Do in Dublin
Tyler Dillon | Nov 8, 2013
See + Do | Insider's Guides

Be warned: if you try to complete our list of things to do in Dublin in one day, you may need another vacation just to recove more...

Reading for the Road: Books About Ireland
Tyler Dillon | Nov 5, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

Building a list of books about Ireland that adequately encapsulates the isle is a tall task, but here are a few that capture more...

In Deep: Cuzco
Tyler Dillon | Oct 30, 2013
See + Do | Must Sees

In the days of the Inca, all roads led to Cusco. From here, the Inca ruled over an empire that stretched from modern-day Colo more...

The Morphing Multitudes of the Galapagos Islands
Tyler Dillon | Sep 26, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Columnists

It is balanced, constant, yet constantly struggling at all times. This is what it means to be in the Galapagos, a place that more...

Empanada Recipe
Tyler Dillon | Sep 5, 2013
Eat + Drink | Cuisine

Empanadas can be found across much of Latin America, but we tend to favour this recipe for beef empanadas from our friends in more...

Galapagos Islands
Ceviche: Mysterious Origins, Diverse Flavour
Tyler Dillon | Aug 28, 2013
Eat + Drink | Cuisine

The mysterious origin of ceviche has been the source of heated debate and family blow-ups around the dinner table for years. more...

Around the World
Ode to the Club Sandwich
Tyler Dillon | Jul 11, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Columnists

If you want to take over the world, you really only need three things: Bob Marley, Irish pubs and club sandwiches. more...

Know Before You Go: Peru Travel Tips
Tyler Dillon | May 31, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

In this ongoing series, we pose some essential questions and arm you with the answers of our regional experts to help you get more...

Insider’s Guide to Bangkok
Tyler Dillon | Apr 4, 2013
See + Do | Insider's Guides

Trip Designer and Slow Road columnist Tyler Dillon provides a B&R-inspired guide to Bangkok. more...

Know Before You Go: Myanmar Travel Tips
Tyler Dillon | Mar 30, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

Trip Designer Tyler Dillon answers some essential questions on a magical place close to his heart: Myanmar. more...

Chef Q&A:
Brisa Deneumostier
Tyler Dillon | Mar 19, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Our Friends

When Brisa Deneumostier's parents named her after the wind (Brisa means breeze in Spanish), they chose a moniker as prescient more...

The Zen of Guiding, Part II
Tyler Dillon | Mar 14, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

Here, I continue the explanation I started in my post The Zen of Guiding, Part I. more...

In Ireland, an Ancestral Adventure
Tyler Dillon | Mar 8, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Columnists

This notion of returning to my Irish roots has been in my head since I plucked my first four-leaf clover at the age of five. more...

The Zen of Guiding, Part I
Tyler Dillon | Mar 7, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

There are a few simple skills it took a number of years for me to realize as a guide, which can create a wonderful trip out o more...

Housing from the Heart
Tyler Dillon | Jan 30, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Columnists

Trip Designer Tyler Dillon recounts the project that brought him to tears. more...


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