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Experts + Insiders:
Steve Wilson
Dave Bowden | Aug 11, 2015
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

Trip Designer Steve Wilson had his heart set on an utterly orthodox career in the financial industry until travel books set h more...

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Know Before You Go: E-Bikes 101
Dave Bowden | Aug 10, 2015
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

Learn everything you need to know about electric assist bikes, or e-bikes, in Butterfield & Robinson's Know Before You Go. more...

World's Best
The World’s Best!
Dave Bowden | Jul 7, 2015
Accolades | Media Mentions

Butterfield & Robinson is the World’s Best Tour Operator, according to readers of Travel + Leisure magazine!! more...

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Q&A with Pro Cyclist (and B&R Guide) Irena Ossola
Dave Bowden | Jun 18, 2015
Experts + Insiders | B&R Guides


Arctic Circle Magazine
The Thrill of the Trail
In the News | May 20, 2015
Canada Goose | Media Mentions

"If wanderlust is in your blood, there’s nothing more exciting than finding a new destination to explore. But how about a n more...

Experts + Insiders: Lewis Evans
Dave Bowden | Apr 15, 2015
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

It would be fair to say that Guide-turned-Trip Designer Lewis Evans has been on a path toward B&R ever since he was a child. more...

Interivew: B&R CEO on the Evolution of Active Travel
In the News | Feb 3, 2015
Samantha Shankman | Media Mentions

“One of the great privileges we have is an extraordinary base of travelers,” Butterfield & Robinson CEO Norman Howe told more...

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For George, It’s About the Journey
Dave Bowden | Jan 29, 2015
50th Anniversary | Reflections

While it all worked out pretty well in the end, when you really stop to think about it, George Butterfield had one hell of a more...

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In Deep and Unplugged
Karen Dockrill | Jan 21, 2015
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

“It’s nice to have a travel partner that feels like family, who can unplug me from a world of intense demands and activit more...

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2014 Photo Contest: See the Winners!
Dave Bowden | Jan 21, 2015
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

Each year, we ask travellers to participate in our annual Traveller Photo Contest and, year in and year out, we find ourselve more...

Private Clubs Magazine
Where to Go Next?
In the News | Jan 6, 2015
Elaine Glusac | Media Mentions

"There's still a question whether Iran will stabilize, but it seems like it's opening up," says Howe. His company just sent a more...

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Aging Like a Fine Wine: Nearly Half a Century of B&R
Dave Bowden | Jan 5, 2015
50th Anniversary | Reflections

While a steady diet of good food, great wine and miles of biking has kept us feeling sprightly, we can't deny the truth: we'r more...

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Top 5 Spring Break Destinations For Your Family
Kathy Stewart | Dec 11, 2014
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

Since the beaches of Fort Lauderdale tend to offer a different variety of transcendence than the kind we're after, we thought more...

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Make Next Holiday Season About You, Not Yuletide
Brad Crockett | Nov 28, 2014
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

Next year, why not try just doing you, not yuletide. We've got plenty of trips designed to let you to escape the holiday grin more...

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Explorer’s Index: Top Five Hottest Family Trips
Kathy Stewart | Nov 17, 2014
Listed | Must Sees

A quick glance at the B&R Dictionary describes adventure in part as, "daring to travel to some of the world's greatest playgr more...

PURE Life Experiences
B&R Wins Big at PURE
Dave Bowden | Nov 10, 2014
Awards | Media Mentions

We are absolutely thrilled that George Butterfield has won the PURE Award for Experiential Travel at PURE Life Experiences. more...

Experts + Insiders: John Lansdell
Dave Bowden | Nov 5, 2014
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

It's a good problem for a company to have—if a somewhat strange one. As a company, B&R tends to attract talented and passio more...

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One (More) For the Road: B&R’s Newest Fleet
Chris Mark | Nov 4, 2014
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

In 2015 B&R’s main fleet of ‘roadies’ in Europe will draw from Bianchi’s decades of experience building racing-style more...

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7 Reasons to Fly Privately
Dan Cohen | Nov 3, 2014
Experts + Insiders | Our Friends

While bad airplane food may seem like reason enough to swear off commercial flights, there are even more reasons to prefer pr more...

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B&R Guides: Defying Definition
Dave Bowden | Oct 27, 2014
Experts + Insiders | B&R Guides

B&R guides are a diverse lot, but you needn't look too closely to see the many ties that bind them. Each one possess a drive more...

Experts + Insiders:
Christine Tucker
Dave Bowden | Oct 9, 2014
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

It's a tale as old as time—or at least as old as B&R. There was Christine Tucker on a beach in Costa Rica. Surfing. Chillin more...

Travel Age West
Top Travel Supplier Blogs
In the News | Oct 1, 2014
Monica Poling | Media Mentions

"The company blog takes an in-depth look at slowing down in destinations around the world, many of which are well off the bea more...

The Wall Street Journal
Fall’s Best New Bike Tours
In the News | Sep 25, 2014
Darrell Hartman | Media Mentions

A new two-part trip from Butterfield & Robinson is heavily customizable—possible add-ons include Mediterranean yacht excurs more...

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Top Golf Experiences
in the World
Tyler Dillon | Sep 17, 2014
See + Do | Must Sees

I don't often find myself arguing with literary giants, but on at least one topic I can say unequivocally that Mark Twain was more...

Smarter Travel
Service-Boosting Extras
In the News | Sep 9, 2014
Christine Sarkis | Media Mentions

B&R manages to do the impossible: Orient each group trip to suit the needs and speeds of guests with different interests who more...

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An Electric Assist
Chris Mark | Aug 23, 2014
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

Electric-assist bikes have reached a level of technological and design sophistication where they are now safer, quieter and s more...

B&R Gets Elite in 2015
Chris Mark | Aug 19, 2014
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

B&R has added a thoroughbred to its bike fleet for 2015, with the arrival of the Bianchi Infinito CV. more...

Travel + Leisure
Setting Records Among the World’s Best
Dave Bowden | Jul 14, 2014
Awards | Media Mentions

Butterfield & Robinson is again among the Top Tour Operators in Travel + Leisure magazine’s 2014 World’s Best Awards read more...

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Around the World
in (Many) Days
B&R Traveller | Jul 2, 2014
Accolades | Testimonials

The Sellers family gives new meaning to the phrase “grand journey”. more...

Explorer’s Index: Four Ways to Meander in the Mediterranean
Dave Bowden | Jun 12, 2014
Listed | Need to Know

There's something undeniably alluring about the laissez-faire attitude of the Mediterranean, making it a region ripe for mean more...

Travel + Leisure
The Slow Road Named Best Blog
Dave Bowden | Jun 9, 2014
Awards | Media Mentions

Travel + Leisure magazine names The Slow Road "Best Blog" in its annual social media awards. more...

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Great Gear: Me to We Style
Dave Bowden | May 7, 2014
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

We're proud customers of Me to We, which blends the best of business and charitable practices together by offering ethically more...

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New Kids on the Bike
Dave Bowden | May 6, 2014
Experts + Insiders | Guide

After a few days spent with our newest crop of guides, I'm happy to report that our newest recruits are more than up to snuff more...

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B&R Partners with XOJET
Norman Howe | May 4, 2014
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

Like B&R, our new friends at XOJET never wanted to be the biggest company in the world—just the best. more...

Experts + Insiders:
Karen MacRae
Dave Bowden | Apr 22, 2014
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

Like so many of B&R's intrepid world wanderers, Trip Designer Karen MacRae has never been much for sitting still. more...

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B&R Teams with World Monuments Fund
Norman Howe | Mar 18, 2014
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

I have a confession. While we at B&R firmly believe that the open road is better with company, I have to admit that we're dis more...

Around the World
Dave Bowden | Mar 17, 2014
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

Whether you're a traveller, a guide or one of our local friends, everyone's definition of #myBNR is unique—and we want to k more...

Experts + Insiders:
Lindsay Owen
Dave Bowden | Mar 4, 2014
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

But believe it or not, a career in the travel industry wasn't inevitable for B&R trip designer Lindsay Owen. more...

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Holly’s (Not-So) Happy Holiday
Dave Bowden | Mar 4, 2014
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

After missing out on a December trip last year, Holly vowed not to make the same mistake in 2014. more...

Experts + Insiders:
Michele Harvey
Dave Bowden | Mar 3, 2014
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

For some kids, a family vacation means a week at Disney World or a day at the beach. For B&R's Michele Harvey, it meant... so more...

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Places on the Verge: An Evolution and Education
Dave Bowden | Feb 4, 2014
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

By expanding its Places on the Verge program, B&R could bring people face to face with the complex challenges facing cultures more...

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B&R and Bianchi: A
Perfect Pairing
Chris Mark | Feb 3, 2014
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

B&R's "bike czar" Chris Mark explains the exhaustive search that resulted in our partnership with legendary Italian bike make more...

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Picture Perfect: B&R’s 2013 Traveller Photo Contest
Dave Bowden | Jan 7, 2014
See + Do | Must Sees

It's time to look back on the year that was at B&R. Fortunately, our intrepid travellers make it easy for us to do just that. more...

Experts + Insiders:
Kathy Stewart
Dave Bowden | Dec 6, 2013
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

"It was the classic ‘What colour is my parachute?’ experience," says Trip Designer Kathy Stewart of her start at B&R. more...

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An Experiential Gift Guide
Dave Bowden | Nov 27, 2013
Listed | Must Sees

If you're looking to give the special person in your life a gift as unique as they are, allow us to present a few ideas for a more...

New York Times
I Sing the Bike Electric
In the News | Nov 11, 2013
Joyce Wadler | Media Mentions

“This was why I was enchanted, a while back, to notice that some bike tour outfits, like Butterfield & Robinson, were offer more...

Experts + Insiders:
Orsolya Kako
Dave Bowden | Oct 25, 2013
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

It's a not-uncommon element in the origin story of inveterate world wanderers: the travel bug bites early, and once its teeth more...

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A Season to Celebrate: The 2013 B&R Guide Gathering
Dave Bowden | Oct 25, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Guides

After a spectacular European season we had a lot to celebrate this year, and we did it in typical B&R style at our annual Gui more...

Experts + Insiders: Tom Abraham
Dave Bowden | Sep 26, 2013
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

After a youth spent staring at National Geographic puzzles, it comes as no surprise that Tom Abraham now finds himself a B&R more...

6 Best Bespoke Tour Operators
In the News | Jul 23, 2013
Larry Olmsted | Media Mentions

When my wife and I did a bespoke solo cycling trip though Burgundy with Butterfield & Robinson, it began with their local gui more...

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Ode to the Club Sandwich
Tyler Dillon | Jul 11, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Columnists

If you want to take over the world, you really only need three things: Bob Marley, Irish pubs and club sandwiches. more...

Travel + Leisure
B&R Among the World’s Best!
Dave Bowden | Jul 2, 2013
Awards | Media Mentions

Readers of Travel + Leisure magazine have voted Butterfield & Robinson among the Top Tour Operators in the world. more...

The Globe and Mail
Who Sits on a Beach Anymore?
In the News | Jun 25, 2013
Kat Tancock | Media Mentions

“There is so much more to experience walking or biking through the countryside than seeing it from a car window or lying on more...

Gourmand Bike Vacations
In the News | Jun 19, 2013
Donald Perman | Media Mentions

On cycling tours, rides range from easy to very challenging, and some tours offer a daily ride selection of varying difficult more...

Experts + Insiders:
Nathan Lane
Dave Bowden | Jun 18, 2013
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

Before it happened, Nathan Lane was starting to feel overwhelmed. It was his third day of guide training in Beaune and the li more...

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Learn to Travel,
Travel to Learn
Dave Bowden | Jun 10, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Video

We stumbled on travel writer Robin Esrock's TEDx talk and had to share. more...

National Post
Dr. Aw: Hands up, baby, hands up
In the News | Jun 4, 2013
Dr. James Aw | Media Mentions

Today, at the age of 74, George Butterfield’s one of those people who has figured it out—how to live a long, healthy and, more...

Behind the Scenes
with B&R Guides
Dave Bowden | May 28, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Guides

Watch as a guide team adds "Worker bees" to its list of roles in these cool time-lapse videos. more...

Around the World
A Cast of Character
Dave Bowden | May 17, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Guides

Spend some time with one B&R guide, and you'll quickly come to believe that anything is possible. Spend some time surrounded more...

Around the World
Guide Kick Off 2013
Dave Bowden | May 16, 2013
Experts + Insiders | Guides

Our 2013 European season kicked off with a bang earlier this month with the 2013 B&R Guide Kick Off. Check out this slideshow more...

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Summer of ’69
Dave Bowden | May 2, 2013
Accolades | Testimonials

We were thrilled to receive this email from past traveller Bob Collins, who embarked with George and Martha on a European exc more...

Experts + Insiders:
Chris Mark
Dave Bowden | May 1, 2013
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

The head of B&R’s planning and operations department, CMark has become a one-man resource for all aspects of B&R’s Europe more...

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Young & Restless
Dave Bowden | Apr 11, 2013
Listed | Family Travel

While a break from school can provide a teen with some much-needed relief come June, a change of scenery can provide parents more...

The Toronto Star
Enriched Services for the Globetrotter
In the News | Apr 5, 2013
Fiona Ellis | Media Mentions

After 18 years spent criss-crossing the globe as president and CEO of travel company Butterfield & Robinson, Norman Howe know more...

Around the World
No corkscrew? No Problem!
Dave Bowden | Mar 25, 2013
Essentials + Advice | Need to Know

We stumbled upon this online and just had to share. No corkscrew? No problem! more...

Travel Professional
Luxury has Changed
In the News | Mar 13, 2013
Kathryn Folliott | Media Mentions

“The definition of luxury has really changed," as B&R Director of Media Relations Kathy Stewart recently told Travel Profes more...

Around the World
Experts + Insiders
Dave Bowden | Mar 1, 2013
Experts + Insiders | B&R Experts

As the blog of Butterfield & Robinson, we have access to the world's best trip planners, designers and guides.... more...

Columnist Profile
Norman Howe: Big Ideas
from B&R’s President
Dave Bowden | Feb 27, 2013
Experts + Insiders |

Butterfield & Robinson President Norman Howe will be the first to tell you he came to B&R through unconventional means. more...

Le Travelist
Profile: George Butterfield
In the News | Jan 24, 2013
Le Travelist | Media Mentions

Luxury travel website Le Travelist profiles George Butterfield. more...

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Traveller Photo Contest 2012: The Year’s Top Shots
Dave Bowden | Jan 7, 2013
See + Do | Must Sees

We assessed and picked the best. Take a look at our three favourite photos of the year, as taken by Butterfield & Robinson tr more...

Travel Professional
All About Authenticity
In the News | Jan 3, 2013
Kathryn Folliott | Media Mentions

In real estate, it’s ‘location, location, location’. And in luxury touring, it’s ‘access, authenticity and à la ca more...

Around the World
The Wish List for Wanderlust
Katie Marshall | Nov 30, 2012
Listed |

We thought we’d ask some of our longest-serving (and best-travelled) staff members what dream trips remain on their bucket more...

Apricot Hill
Butterfield & Robinson
In the News | Oct 12, 2012
Accolades | Media Mentions

Apricot Hill profiles Butterfield & Robinson. more...

Travel Market Report
Tour Ops Cultivate Brand Loyalty
In the News | Oct 11, 2012
Robin Amster | Media Mentions

"Tour operators are diversifying with new product lines priced both lower and higher than their traditional tours. The strate more...

Around the World
Top 10 Tasting Menu
B&R Staff | Sep 5, 2012
Listed |

Consider some of the enticements that our many winter destinations are ready to dish up when you’re prepared to visit. more...

World’s Most Bikeable Wine Regions
In the News | Aug 10, 2012
Adam H. Graham | Media Mentions

"Cycling and wine have long captured the imaginations of American travelers with dreams of gliding through verdant, more...

Travel + Leisure
2012 World’s Best Awards
B&R Staff | Jul 12, 2012
Awards | Media Mentions

Once again Butterfield & Robinson has been included in Travel + Leisure's World's Best Awards. This year we are thrilled to h more...

Around the World
How to Taste Wine
B&R Staff | May 2, 2012
Eat + Drink | Vines & Wines

We know firsthand that when you're sipping some of the world's best vintages, you want to look the part. That's why we've com more...

In the News | May 1, 2012
Adam H. Graham | Media Mentions

“Walking fever,” as Dowhan calls it, is catching on and transcends all age groups. But it’s especially popular with a y more...

Wine Access
Passport to Wine Country
In the News | Apr 1, 2012
Joanne Sasvari | Media Mentions

With every sip of wine, you'll drink in centuries of tradition and history. You'll encounter wines you'd never find at home a more...

T Magazine
Tours de Force
In the News | Mar 14, 2012
Abby Aguire | Media Mentions

Butterfield & Robinson takes the luxe route through North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, with standout trips along more...

Outside Magazine
The 2012 Outside Travel Awards
In the News | Mar 13, 2012
Stephanie Pearson & Kate Siber | Media Mentions

B&R's new Cervélo Pro Travel The Tour Biking trip was chosen by Outside Magazine as their Best New Bike Trip for 2012! more...

E-Bikes in Europe!
Chris Mark | Jan 4, 2012


B&R Now Offers E-bikes
In the News | Jan 1, 2012
Grace Lichtenstein | Media Mentions

Casual cyclists who have been tempted to sign up for a Butterfield & Robinson tour in Europe or elsewhere but were deterr more...

Toronto Star
B&R Adds E-Bikes
In the News | Jan 1, 2012
Tyler Hamilton | Media Mentions

The reality is that many couples aren’t such a good match when it comes to physical activity. Toronto-based Butterfield & R more...

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Leading the Pack: Guide Kudos 2011
B&R Staff | Nov 3, 2011
Accolades | Testimonials

Whether leading from the front, supporting from the back or smoothing the road of activity, accommodation or whatever diversi more...

World’s Top Foodie Getaways
In the News | Oct 1, 2011
Marnie Hanel | Media Mentions

No matter how you tip the gastronomic scale, one thing is certain: Eating well and traveling well go hand-in-hand. Regardless more...

Destination Weddings
Love at Large
In the News | Aug 1, 2011
Accolades | Media Mentions

Butterfield & Robinson thinks the best way to travel is by bike, foot or sea. Its site is arranged accordingly, with custom t more...

Canadian Capital Magazine
The Bespoke Traveller
In the News | Jun 1, 2011
Meredith Birchall-Spencer | Media Mentions

For 45 years, Canadian entrepreneur George Butterfield, co-founder of travel company Butterfield & Robinson, has been on the more...

Around the World
An Insider’s Itinerary
B&R Staff | May 9, 2011
See + Do | Must Sees

When we posed the question to B&R’s top travel experts of what’s next for them, these where their fascinating responses. more...

The Wall Street Journal
Adventures, With Children
In the News | May 1, 2011
Jane Margolies | Media Mentions

From a rafting trip in Costa Rica to a campout on the Galapagos Islands, here's a sampling of ways to keep your gang's adrena more...

Around the World
Best Hotel Spas Around the World
B&R Staff | Mar 21, 2011
Listed | Hotels

We suggest you consider these extraordinary hotel spa facilities, all of which provide their own resident techniques to help more...


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