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Here at B&R, we’re proud of our custom bike fleets. Road bike or hybrid, our rolling stock is topnotch, with every component carefully spec’ed to the needs of our travellers. For any of our biking trips, either model makes for a reliable, comfortable week in the saddle.

And yet sometimes a rider is looking for something special: a performance road bike that’s lighter and more responsive, with top-line componentry and catchy design. A thoroughbred, if you will. It could be that you ride that kind of stallion daily, or maybe you’re a weekend warrior, piling up ever more clicks with each passing week.

Or, conversely, it could be that you simply want to give a sweeter ride a try, to feel like a pro for a week. After all, you may not want to own a Ferrari—but it would sure be sweet to rip around the hills of the Italian countryside in one, wouldn’t it? Why should it be any different for vehicles of a two-wheeled nature? At times the landscape itself calls for a little more oomph: think rugged Tuscany, or the dips of the Costa Brava.

The true genius of the Infinito lies in its frame.
The true genius of the Infinito lies in its frame.

And so with both types of rider – the dyed-in-the-wool regulars and the curious experimenters – in mind, B&R has added an elite performance bike to its available European options in 2015. Our choice of model is an exciting one: the Bianchi Infinito CV, voted New Bike of the Year in 2014 for its innovative design. Equipped with the top-of-the-line Campagnolo ‘Super Record’ groupset, the true genius of the Infinito lies in its frame, whose multiple layers of carbon surround vibration-reducing material that yields a super-smooth ride without sacrificing the ‘pop’ of carbon-bike responsiveness. When you add this to its less aggressive geometry versus typical performance bikes, you get a perfect blend of elite look and comfortable ride—because, after all, your B&R trip is not a race. (Slow Down to See the World is a great motto for immersive travel, but it’s probably not going to win us any yellow jerseys.)

But let’s not overlook that groupset, either. Italian-made Campagnolo is the ideal complement to Bianchi, and Super Record is its legendary high-end line of brakes, gears, and derailleurs. ‘Campy,’ as it’s known, has long been the recognized industry leader for marrying gorgeous design to flawless mechanics – bike componentry simply does not get any better, and our elite fleet calls for nothing less.

The Infinito CV is certainly not for every traveller, but if you ride carbon at home, or you’re a confident rider looking to give it a whirl, I invite you to do so on your next B&R trip. Availability is limited so be sure to enquire early.

And then enjoy the ride.

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Chris knows our new bike fleet better than anyone, but you’ll have to trust us when we say words can’t do these bikes justice. Click the button below, find a European adventure that suits your palate, and find out for yourself just how well they handle. (Spoiler alert: exceptionally well.)

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