Published in Westways magazine | By Daniel Asa Rose

Blame it on Bill Murray. That moment in Lost in Translation when his character finally stops mugging and, during a telephone conversation with his wife, utters the film’s most earnest words: “I’m completely lost.” And he resolves to change his life.

And where, exactly, does Bill make this most un-Bill-like declaration? Reclining in a hot tub in a room with gleaming marble walls on the 45th floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo. Where I am right now. Because I want to change my life, too. I’m going to soak my way to enlightenment in a series of Japanese hot tubs like none other on earth.

It started, innocently enough, as a bike trip with Butterfield & Robinson, that upscale globe-trotting group that specializes in epicurean meals, rugged workouts, and intelligent commentary.

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B&R Tripfinder

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