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Hot air balloon tours operate between October and March, which is more or less the best time to visit Myanmar. Among high-end Western operators, Butterfield & Robinson has considerable in-country experience to go along with its overall solid reputation. The company currently has five tours scheduled between December 2014 and February 2015, all of which include a tour of Bagan. (The balloon ride is an optional add-on.) B&R also arranges bespoke Myanmar trips for travel anytime.

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See For Yourself

Breathtaking though this video is, you’ll have to trust us when we say even it doesn’t do Bagan justice. On second thought, don’t trust us: instead, experience the serenity of Myanmar for yourself.

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  1. Elena says:

    Hi, I’m a tour leader of italian tour operator.
    We are 16 pax and I’m looking for ride in balloon over Bagan for 2 january.
    The number of seats I need depends from price.
    Thank you,
    Best regards

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