GCSF_signWhen you spend as much time as we have wandering the world in search of adventure, you come to truly value the experience of coming home.

It’s this belief that everyone deserves a house to come home to that motivated us to provide homes to families on Myanmar’s Inle Lake, and it’s our pride in this work that makes us so excited to announce that our partner in building the homes, the Global Community Service Foundation (GCSF), has awarded us its Founders Award.

“Butterfield & Robinson has demonstrated that voluntourism can make a positive impact on local communities and travelers alike,” GCSF said in announcing the award.

“Thirty-six homes have been built in Myanmar over the past two years through their efforts. These homes have made it possible for scores of individuals to have a safe and environmentally sound dwelling where they are more likely to have healthy and economically independent lives and their children to receive education. In supporting the construction of these homes, the lives of hundreds of travelers who combined vacation travel with volunteer community service have also been enriched.”

We are, of course, both humbled and honoured to receive the award. We don’t mind admitting that it’s nice to be feted (and it should come as no surprise that we’re always up for a party), but honestly? Look at those smiles.


What more motivation could you need?

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