When the editor of the Slow Road asked me to put together a list of my favourite experiences from my family’s recent trip to Southern and Eastern Africa, I assumed he meant my top 40 favourite experiences. Turns out I misread the e-mail; he only wanted four. Fair enough. (Editor’s Note: Your trip looks pretty amazing Brad, but 40? Really? People have things to do.)

It took some doing, but I managed to narrow it down to four must-see African experiences that I’ll never forget. Check them out in the slideshow below!

Ready to Go?

Take a walk (or bike) on the wild side. Click here to find an African adventure that gets you in deep and up close—well, as close as you’re comfortable with.

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African animals Recently named a Safari Specialist by Departures magazine, B&R’s Director of Private Travel Brad Crockett keeps his finger on the pulse of the world while planning amazing African experiences. (In the picture at left, Brad – for the record – is the one in the hat.)

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