Have you ever gone to a party where everyone is the host? I have. (Twice now, actually.)

Sure, B&R prefers to call it our annual Guide Kick Off, which we host every year from our office in Beaune, in the heart of Burgundy. And yes, a lot of great work is done by our wickedly talented team to ensure that everyone, from our enthusiastic new guides to our savviest veterans, leaves armed with the knowledge and skill necessary for facilitating exceptionally fun trips. But whether they’re tuning up their mechanic skills in the atelier or pouring another glass of Pinot at dinner, it never fails to amaze me how each guide naturally looks after others before looking after themselves.

And after all, isn’t that the essence of hosting? It’s giving up your seat in a presentation so that your colleagues can see; it’s refilling your neighbour’s glass before your own; it’s hanging back on a bike ride to help the weird blog editor shift gears properly. (Thanks again, Diego. And Steph. And Zoe. And Jeff.)

And it’s that spirit of generosity and care, mixed with the enthusiasm and lust for life to which B&R Guides seem preternaturally disposed, that makes five intense days of training feel like a party.

Of course, in the digital age, rarely do parties go uncaptured, and the Kick Off was no exception. Thanks to our new hashtag, #myBNR, guides and staff were able to chronicle the week on social media. Check out a few of our favourites in the slideshow below.

Don’t Take My Word For It

I’m not too proud to admit it: as much as I fancy myself a wordsmith, neither text nor images can do our guides justice. Fortunately, with expertly guided trips to some of the world’s most amazing playgrounds, we offer multiple ways for you to meet them in person.

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After wandering through the worlds of magazine and newspaper publishing, Slow Road editor Dave Bowden traded ink on his fingers for stamps on his passport when he stumbled upon Butterfield & Robinson.

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