I have a confession. While we at B&R firmly believe that the open road is better with company, I have to admit that we’re discerning about the company we keep. We pride ourselves on teaming with partners who share our commitment to not only immersing ourselves in the world around us, but leaving it a better place than we found it.

World Monuments Fund

That’s why we’re thrilled to become the official travel partner of the World Monuments Fund (WMF), the non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting endangered ancient and historic sites around the world. Working with the WMF, over the next two years we’ll craft six trips that feature behind-the-scenes tours and insider access to some of the world’s most treasured sites in honour of the WMF’s 50th anniversary.

I’m especially excited about the partnership because B&R’s values are exceptionally well aligned with the philosophy and goals of the WMF: we genuinely believe in and practice the virtues and benefits of responsible and sustainable tourism; we have immense respect for the places we travel and the people we meet; we believe in going in deep and off the beaten path to reveal the true character of a destination; and as an organization that’s approaching its own 50th anniversary, we know firsthand that by sharing our passion with our travellers we can send them home more enlightened, enlivened and educated than when they left.

Great Britain’s Architectural Legacy


Designed by B&R Trip Designer Kathy Stewart, the first trip out of the gate will run between June 7 and 15 of this year and offer an in-depth look at Great Britain’s Architectural Legacy. The history of this storied island is illustrated through 2,000 years of architecture, from the red sandstone walls of Coventry to Newstead Abbey, Lord Byron’s home. WMF president Bonnie Burnham and Chief Executive Dr. Jonathan Foyle will lead a veritable tour through British history, which also includes a recital by renowned pianist Ashley Wass at Stowe House, where a $16-million WMF restoration project has transformed this 18thC artistic wonder.

You can contact Kathy or our colleague Anastassia for more information about this trip by calling 1-877-843-0261, or email Anastassia directly (anastassia.lavrinenko@butterfield.com) to request a copy of the itinerary. A quick note: B&R travellers wishing to join this trip will be required to become members of the WMF by making a suggested donation of $500 to the non-profit organization.

And stay tuned! Coming trips will provide exclusive access to some truly monumental sites, including China’s Forbidden City, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat and Rome’s Palazzo Farnese.

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As the President of the world’s premier active travel company, Norman Howe keeps one hand on the pulse of the travel business and one hand firmly on the handlebars of his bike. As a columnist for The Slow Road, he draws equally from his decades in the travel industry and his passion for the open road.

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