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Explore the Galápagos Islands—the ancient archipelago where flora and fauna reign.

Regardless of all we’ve already seen, dazzling destinations do remain: places where the terrain is so foreign and the beauty so extreme that, at first, we simply gawk, gape, absorb. One such spot, the Galápagos Islands, have been coined by many “the last paradise on Earth”…

…Since 1966, Butterfield & Robinson ( has offered luxury travel to active folks. Today one of their most popular private tours is an 11-day, family-ready agenda. The itinerary begins and ends in Quito, where visitors lodge like royalty inside a regally restored mansion.

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Ready to Galapa-Go?

Alright, that was a bad pun. Dumb jokes aside: the Galapagos Islands
are a modern-day Eden, with an unmatched abundance of exotic, endemic wildlife.
Spot sea lions sharing the beach with marine iguanas, explore archaic volcanic
tunnels, and, like Darwin before you, cross paths with giant tortoises.

Detailed Itinerary

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