Between Berlin and Dresden, two of Germany’s most famous cities, lies a region largely unknown to many travellers—lending it a mystery we were more than happy to take advantage of in order to plot the perfect surprise on a recent trip.

A Fließe Runs Through It (More than 200 Fließes, Actually)

The Spreewald (wald means forest in German) is a UNESCO-designated biosphere reserve with more than 1,000 kilometres of small waterways, called Fließes, and numerous small roads winding through the landscape. It’s a region full of bird life, farms, forests, bikes-only roads and the local specialty: pickles! Due to the richness of water, the early inhabitants of this area transported everything by boat in so-called punts, low boats pushed forward with long oars, gondola-style.

After a beautiful morning ride on day three of our trip, we were ready to explore the Spreewald by water. As we boarded the two punts, everybody was amazed by the presentation of our exclusive picnic lunch; we collected a variety of local products, fruits and famous German pretzels, all, of course, accompanied by a fresh Riesling or a German pilsner. Sitting back and relaxing, we all enjoyed our lunches and watched as the sunlight hit the water and the punts. What else could one need?

Ready to Go?

Berlin. Potsdam. Dresden. Three cities replete with culture, history and art,
each of which reveals a dynamic, contemporary soul. Tour palaces,
reside in a castle, and immerse yourself in delicious comfort.

Detailed Itinerary

Travellers were taken aback by our lovely guest—especially when she began calling their names!

Travellers were taken aback by our lovely guest—especially when she began calling their names!

A Complete Complot

Half an hour into this perfect picnic lunch, yet another surprise awaited. As the group on the two punts rode alongside each other, exchanging food, drinks and schnapps, a third punt approached from the opposite direction. A lovely young puntlady gently pushes her punt right through the middle, eliciting some curious looks and mumbling as she approaches.

When the puntlady stopped right in between our two punts, the whole group fell silent. As she takes out some sachets and begins calling out the names of our travellers, they slowly figure out what’s happening: another unique B&R jersey drop!

Now everybody was excited. As she continued to call out names, people stood up, reaching for the sachets or passing or throwing them to their rightful owners. The punts begin to wobble just a bit, as everyone cheered, laughed and appreciated the way that they were so thoroughly fooled! Everyone agreed this was over the top—a completely unexpected way to complete an already perfect day with the sun, a great lunch and a beautiful boat ride!

Many on the trip had travelled with B&R for quite some time (one person had taken 20 trips with us!) and could not believe they had been tricked again. It was the perfect jersey drop; a complete complot, set up by our own Spreewald team, and made possible by all the puntriders, the lunch catering and in this case, the weather!

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A proud Dutchy who appreciates the beauty of home as much as a good adventure, Abby van Oers has guided B&R’s Berlin to Dresden trip for years and considers herself an aficionado of both Dutch cuisine and fine beer—which, she says, goes down particularly smoothly at rock concerts.


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