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“The Galapagos Safari Camp is as chic as it is simple, delivering enough luxury to attract high-profile guests as Peter Gabriel. Its understated details, from the lodge’s peeling peppermint-green doors, imported from India, to the tents’ en-suite wooden bathrooms with rose-head showers, could have come from Blixen’s sumptuous Out of Africa… This is how one spends one’s time on the islands: hiring boats for visits to beaches unmarked by the footsteps of others; going on hikes with a naturalist to see the lava tunnels, mangroves and sunken craters; mountain-biking along local trails to the swamps favored by giant tortoises.”

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Ready to Galapa-Go?

Alright, that was a bad pun. Dumb jokes aside: the Galapagos Islands are a modern-day Eden, with an unmatched abundance of exotic, endemic wildlife. Spot sea lions sharing the beach with marine iguanas, explore archaic volcanic tunnels, and, like Darwin before you, cross paths with giant tortoises.

Detailed Itinerary


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