Insider’s Guide: Things
To Do in Madrid

You could be forgiven for expecting a lot from the capital city of a country as rich in culture and history as Spain. And as Trip Planner Nancy Towns explains, Madrid delivers. With an assist from B&R Guide Oscar Biedma (a proud Madrilenian), Nancy takes you in deep and up close in this, the second of our three-part Insider’s Guide to Madrid.

Make Like a Madrilenian

Things To Do In Madrid

Things To Do in Madrid

Works by Spanish master Francisco de Zurbarán, among other many others, hang in the Museo del Prado.

Museo del Prado
Formerly called the Reina Sofia, this is a must for those who appreciate art. See some of the world’s classic works, including some of Spain’s most influential painters: Goya, Velazquez and Zurbarán.

Tapas in Huertas
Plain and simple: salir de cañas o copas! Enjoy a pints or glass of wine on the many terraces in the centre of the city, the Huertas neighbourhood (Plaza de Santa Ana and Plaza Mayor). Make the rounds and have a tapa or two while you’re at it.

Market Day
In Madrid, Sunday is market day. Put on your walking shoes and explore the neighbourhoods of Palacio Real, Ayuntamiento and La Latina by foot. Lots of people watching and interesting products. This is a true Madrileña experience!

In Deep and Up Close

On the edge of Europe, long a cultural crucible with phenomenal Moorish architecture and laid-back Spanish friendliness, Andalucia quickens the senses and makes
even a café con leche thrilling. Ready to go?

Detailed Itinerary

Things to do in Madrid

The Antón Martin Market
Across the city you’ll notice an electric atmosphere, or alegria, and nowhere is it more potent than this lively indoor market. Oddly enough, in the middle of it all, you can sit yourself down for some freshly prepared sushi from the fish vendor on one side and the vegetable stand on the other.

A True Madrid Institution
Even if you’re not a football (soccer) fan, Real Madrid is truly an institution in this city, as evidenced by its stadium, Santiago Bernabeu. If there’s a game on you’re in for a treat, but even if there’s not, it’s worth checking out this impressive monument to the city’s sports obsession.

Things to do in Madrid

Andalucia may be the hub of flamenco, but some of the country’s best come to Madrid.

Tablaos de Flamenco
Though the hub of flamenco is in Andalucia, some of the best dancers migrate to Madrid to make their living in the art. Taking in flamenco music/dancing live while you’re here is an absolute must—it’s as entertaining as it is symbolic of the country’s spirit and soul.

Side Trip: Toledo (And no, we don’t mean Ohio.)
Venture outside Madrid’s borders and take a half-day trip to Toledo. Take the 30-minute trip on the AVE to this city, one of the most well preserved and celebrated examples of Spain’s multicultural and religious past, a blend of Muslim, Jewish and Christian people and their respective traditions.

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Things To do In Madrid

Veteran B&R Guide turned Trip Planner Nancy Towns‘ love of all things Spanish has taken her from the cloud forests of Argentina to the bullfighting rings of Andalucia.

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