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“A sounder of warthogs!” someone shouts as we cycle a dirt road through low desert shrubs. “A journey of giraffes!” comes another cry on the shoreline of a white salt plain. Spend enough time amid Namibia’s Sahara of sand and you learn a lexicon of textbook terms for packs of African critters… Butterfield & Robinson offers custom trips to Namibia. Itineraries are flexible and depending on your desires can include mountain biking, desert quad-biking, horseback riding, hiking, rhino tracking and visiting nomadic villages.

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From a charter plane you’ll have a bird’s eye view as this spectacular country spreads out before you. On the ground, you’ll get in deep and track rhinos by foot while you meet the Himba people and learn about their nomadic lifestyle. With a diversity of environments and peoples, Namibia is a microcosm for Africa itself.

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