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“Travel consultant Tyler Dillon, who organizes high-end bespoke trips to the 13 main islands of the archipelago for outfitter Butterfield & Robinson, agrees that the architecture conceived by Ecuadoran Humberto Plaza is odd, that people will either love it or hate it. ‘In some contexts, the building would be a sore thumb,’ says Dillon as we look down from Cerro Mesa at the concrete shell of the lodge. ‘Here it just visualizes the peculiarity of the place.’ The fact that some travelers won’t like looking at Pikaia is beside the point: They will love looking from it through floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal the landscape and Pacific beyond.”

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Ready to Galapa-Go? 

Sorry, bad pun. Dumb jokes aside: the Galapagos Islands are a modern-day Eden, with an unmatched abundance of exotic, endemic wildlife. Spot sea lions sharing the beach with marine iguanas, explore archaic volcanic tunnels, and, like Darwin before you, cross paths with giant tortoises.

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