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A Season to Celebrate: The 2013 B&R Guide Gathering

If there’s one thing B&R Guides pride themselves on, it’s ensuring that everyone on a B&R trip has the most amazing experience possible. But when everyone on said trip just so happens to be a B&R guide, well… Let’s just say nary a glass goes empty, a joke untold or a need unmet. Following up on our trip to Cadaques, Spain in 2012, this year we set out for the gorgeous vineyards of Alsace for our 2013 Guide Gathering.

After kicking off the season in spectacular fashion, we had a lot to celebrate this year, and we did it in typical B&R style: with camaraderie, revelry, some spectacular riding and—of course—amazing wine. See for yourself in the slideshow below!

A Season to Celebrate:
The 2013 B&R Guide Gathering

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