Ode to the Club Sandwich

BY Around The World

If you want to take over the world, you really only need three things: Bob Marley, Irish pubs and club sandwiches. You’ll find these three things present in just about any corner of the globe—just like B&R guides. In 2006 I was so struck by the ubiquity of the club sandwich and its similarity to my guiding brethren, that I had to put pen to paper and jot down this little ditty.

Ode to the club sandwich for guides,
The fraternal order which unites us through time and space,
Ode to the variety of this meal,
With its different constructions from Bagan to Firenza!

Shall it be with pomme frites, or hush puppies,
When alone in a room in the middle of a trip,
There is comraderery found in a sandwich,
Not seen in a hoagie or grinder since the days of Southern California hamburgers,
When a whole nation stood behind a sandwich and said with conviction “this is ours, this meal of meat between bread unites us as one!”

[quote]When alone in a room in the middle of a trip,
There is comraderery found in a sandwich.[/quote]

Now! In a global world, in this international world which is now flat,
We need neither boarders nor nations to justify this connection,
Simply a similarity in motion and thought, that at the end of a day’s hard work,
After a hard day’s night, we all, together, join for a brief moment in excitement, nay trepidation, fulfillment, with a club sandwich in hand.

Ode to this culinary creation! I celebrate your simplicity and know that all around the world,
Other B&R guides alike will join in this consuming and over-indulgence.

I will see you there, in our metaphysical realm of connection with our sandwiches in hand!

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