With a vibrant assortment of culture, cuisine, architecture and nightlife, Buenos Aires perfectly blends an old-school European vibe with South America’s new-world cool. For evidence, look no further than the impressive roster of Buenos Aires hotels. Ranging from hipster chic to classic comfort, there’s a place for people of all persuasions to rest, eat and luxuriate.

Best Buenos Aires Hotels: Something For Everyone

Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires

With its ornate façade reminiscent of Belle-Époque France, the Buenos Aires edition of the Four Seasons mixes modern flair with a respect for history—not unlike its fascinating hometown. This 165-room-and-suite property offers both classically contemporary and French country-style accommodations in its tower, where dark mahogany furniture offsets warm colours and fabrics.

Faena Hotel + Universe

An exclusive and award-winning establishment in downtown Buenos Aires that seamlessly blends history and modernity, this palatial Belle Époque-era building features 108 luxuriously appointed suites and boasts amenities as impressive as its architectural grandeur. With a wide variety of exclusive rooms, the Faena offers the warmth and charm of a boutique hotel on a much grander scale.

Sofitel Buenos Aires

Inhabiting Buenos Aires’ first skyscraper, an elegant Art Deco monument on a leafy street of antique shops and galleries, Sofitel Buenos Aires proves the picture of refined elegance and provides the perfect vantage from which to observe the vibrant culture and rich history of Argentina’s much-loved capital. Its interiors use light, soothing colours, Argentine leather furniture and Boticcino marble floors to convey both style and comfort.

Legado Mitico

Ever longed to step into someone else’s shoes? At this boutique hotel in the heart of Buenos Aires, you can channel Evita and other legendary Argentines. Each of its 11 rooms is dedicated to an Argentinian icon, including famous writer Jorge Luis Borges, tango singer Carlos Gardel, and of course, Evita. Designed to emblemize Argentina’s “legacy of settlers, Indians, Creoles and immigrants,” the concept just works, and includes miles of style and comfort.

CasaSur Art Hotel

After a day of work or a night of tango, travelers to Argentina rely on the intimate and serene embrace of the chic CasaSur, discovering a soothing environment in tones of wood, stone, and sand. Designed in a contemporary style, the CasaSur is filled with artful touches and clean lines.

Hotel del Casco

Step back in time to Neoclassical Argentina and sample the lifestyle of an aristocratic family in its summer home. Built 1892, this intimate, 20-room manor retains the original features that imbue it with the charm of a bygone era, including its columns, a marble staircase and a tropical interior courtyard with glass ceiling.

Home Hotel

The brainchild of BA native Patricia O’Shea and her record-producer husband Tom Rizka, this too-cool-for-school boutique hotel is a gorgeous, sleek and airy lightbox dotted with Saarninen chairs and finished with funky retro French wallpapers. Stepping into the Home Hotel, you’ll feel as if you’ve died and woken up in an issue of Wallpaper magazine—and trust us, that’s a good thing.

Mine Hotel

In the case of Mine Hotel, “boutique” means energetic and attentive service, as well as an atmosphere that invites both romance and the sharing of stories and drinks with other guests. Each of its 20 guest rooms and suites has a unique design, but all favour a blend of natural, earthy materials.

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