Summer is, without question, a kid’s most liberating time of year—no more pencils, no more books, etc. But while summer break provides an obvious opportunity to abscond, there are multiple times throughout the year that seem to require reinvigoration for both parents and kids. Of course, choosing when to travel is only half the battle; with a range of ages, tastes and appetites for exploration within each family, deciding where to bring your brood can be easier said than done.

So consider the below list a helpful cheat sheet for finding a corner of the globe that will entertain, educate and amaze adolescent and seasoned travellers alike.


From a scavenger hunt in Yangon to a regatta on Inle Lake, Myanmar offers experiences as breathtaking as they are beneficial to the soul. Set out in December to see the spectacle of life along the banks of the Ayeyarwady River and get a true glimpse of village life. Navigate narrow canals in a long boat, arriving in a village that seems right out of an Indiana Jones movie. Visit the villages of Inle Lake, with floating gardens, cheroot (cigar) factories and traditional silk weavers. Oh, and did we mention Bagan?


Rife with history, the educational aspects of Normandy speak for themselves: Rollo’s fiefdom; William the Conqueror; Utah Beach; Operation Overlord. Less expected, for the uninitiated any way, is the fun to be had: sailing, horseback riding and sand sailing entertain both the young and young-at-heart, while Calvados sipped at a 16th-century castle offers parents a relaxing respite.

Vietnam and Cambodia

Whether riding elephants through Angkor Wat, touring Hanoi’s Old Quarter or stopping to chat with the townsfolk in the small villages along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the revelations to be gained through a combination of ancient and modern history give way to the disarming friendliness of the people, which permeates all aspects of life in these two east-Asian gems.


Morocco is a veritable playground for adventurers young and old: magical Marrakech, Berber villages, stunning oases, kite surfing, a ropes course, fabulous food, the High Atlas Mountains, the list goes on. A place where camel rides through the Agafy Desert (long known as “the Sahara at the door of Marrakech”), are capped off with meals at La Pause. Sometimes the word “magic” just doesn’t seem to cut it.


After landing in Dublin, skip St. Stephen’s Green and instead board a train for the west coast, where the Emerald Isle earns its name. The west coast represents Ireland at its most beautiful, where Croagh Patrick looms large over the bog and the constantly changing weather breeds a character all its own. Summer is the perfect time for a hike or a bike ride topped off with a little craic and a Guinness for those of age (which in Ireland is a little younger than we’re accustomed to). 

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