As B&R guide and native Andalucian James Boyd reveals in this collection of images, there are countless ways to occupy your imagination in this “exotic European outlier.”

Many parts of the world tend to have an iconic label attached to them. Often, this is partly due to a very popular element of the country’s culture. When one thinks of Spain, and in this case Andalucía, its most iconic elements are Flamenco and bullfighting. Yet for me, Andalucía is so much more. I honour the legacy created and left by the Spanish Moors: 800 years of Hispano-Arabic culture that today provides us with a fascinating backdrop—one that ties an incredibly abrupt and beautiful landscape with a deeply rich culture. This combination of history and geography still inspires those who come to visit this land, strangely pivoted between Europe and Africa.

I think of Andalucia as an exotic European outlier, so close and yet so far from B&R’s European base. It’s my home and my teacher. It’s the reason why I love Morocco, and Morocco the reason why I love Andalucía. Consult Ernest Hemingway, Richard Ford, Gerald Brenan, John Burger or my late father, the writer Alistair Boyd, and let them inspire you to come and visit this land full of magic—my home.

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  1. Katia says:

    Gorgeous photos!

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