Holland Biking with B&R resident expert

Alice van der Voort, B&R’s resident expert on all things Dutch.

Wherever we ride in Holland, the bike paths are lined with a multitude of flowers: camelias, viooltjes, and of course tulips. Spot them along laneways, see them gracing the tabletops in any Dutch home—flowers are an expression of who the Dutch are, which is why it is customary to offer flowers when visiting a Dutch home for any occasion, whether a birthday, a wedding or just as a way of saying thanks.

Discovering Holland by bicycle offers the perfect tempo in which to appreciate the beauty that is all around. Our itinerary involves no less than five local guides who provide the sort of unique insight that would bypass so many other travellers. Yes, the riding is pleasantly flat and those picturesque windmills are essential to the landscape. But we reveal so much more. Starting in The Hague we lead you through the eternally charming Leiden area, birthplace of Rembrandt, before taking our explorations further afield.

One of our most memorable rides is through Zeeland and on to Zierikzee, one of Holland’s most delightful towns, where we board a boat with our bikes and cruise over the Oosterschelde to the next island. We bike on top of dykes and through fishing villages, and learn all about oyster farming and mussel auctions. We pedal to Gouda where we visit the largest church in Holland, with its stunning stained glass, and head to a local cheese farm to sample exquisite unpasteurized cheese. And of course, we spin through the tulip fields and on to Keukenhof, the world renowned park with over seven million bulbs on display.

It is simply an unforgettable trip in all respects.

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