Augusta Masters GolfWhile winter blankets most of North America, in Augusta, Georgia, at golf’s hallowed “cathedral in the pines,” they are busy manicuring the greens and pruning the azaleas in anticipation of the first Sunday in April when The Masters returns for its 76th anniversary engagement. Tiger Woods has shot to the top of the charts as the bookmakers’ favourite after his recent win at the Chevron tournament, but he has Rory Mcilroy, Phil Mickelson and Luke Donald all close on his heels, so it’s shaping up to be a terrific championship.

Most Coveted Ticket in Sports

Here at B&R, we recently managed to secure an additional allocation of patron’s badges, the most coveted (and difficult to find) ticket in sports, and so we are able to offer some additional spots on our upcoming 2012 departures (April 7-10) for individuals and small private groups. We expect these spots to disappear quickly, so call your favourite foursome (or your daughter, son, mother, father, spouse or best friend!) and lock in your attendance at the earliest opportunity.

I’ve been going every year for the past seven years, and it never gets old.

Not that you need any other reason to join us apart from The Masters itself, but we’ve also been working out the details for our final dinner in the historical antebellum town of Madison, Georgia, where famed Chef Hugh Acheson will be presiding over a gourmet southern feast (you may recognize him from the current season of the aptly named Top Chef Masters). Hugh’s fresh approach to southern food has earned him a great deal of recognition, including Food & Wine’s Best New Chef (2002), the AJC Restaurant of the Year (2007), four James Beard nominations for Best Chef Southeast (2007- 2010) and a 2007 Rising Star from We can’t reveal the contents of the menu, but we can assure you that it will forever change your perception of southern cooking!

The Veneration of Tradition

In terms of The Masters itself, I’ve been going every year for the past seven years, and it never gets old—I still feel the same thrill of excitement when I pass through the gates. I think it stays fresh because the experience at Augusta National is about the veneration of tradition, the purity of the game, and the immediacy of the relationship between athletes and fans, plain and simple. In an era when sport often feels beholden to commercial interests and private privilege, there is something fundamentally refreshing about a place where a pimento sandwich and beer can still be had for under $5, where no one will touch your personal Masters chair once it has been placed, and where there are no corporate tents or company logos to be seen.

Once inside the hallowed grounds of Augusta National, everybody is treated the same, whether they showed up at the gates on foot, in a taxi, or by private jet. And when you hear that roar that rolls out from Amen Corner as the world’s best players pull out all the stops on the back nine on Sunday, you’ll share in the collective shiver of anticipation as you prepare to witness history in the making.

We hope that you can join us this year for one of the great rituals of spring as we head down to Georgia to follow in the footsteps of the world’s best golfers as they battle it out in pursuit of the coveted green jacket.

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