The gift of travel is that it is never the same experience twice, whether we return to a favourite and familiar locale or fly off to a completely foreign destination on a whim. Rather, it is the romance of wanderlust, the opportunity to experience the new and unexplored, to visit an old haunt for its house specialty or to plunge into a new culture and find our feet as we go, that is the enduring appeal of travel. So when we posed the question to B&R’s most inveterate travellers—our top travel experts—of what’s next for them, we received some fascinating responses.

George Butterfield

Co-Founder, Butterfield & Robinson

Rwanda Gorillas For the company’s grandmaster, a man who has obviously experienced an incredible variety of trips over our 45 years, the promise of new adventure always calls, but those familiar favourites still hold sway. “I’ll be travelling to re-visit those very special places that have no equal on earth—like Burgundy, Conques and the Lot and Alsace. Travelling to these places on a bike always make me pinch myself and marvel about the thoughtfulness of so many people over the centuries that thankfully designed a landscape, a culture, a uniqueness all for us to so happily enjoy,” he says. “But I dream of Rwanda and South Africa as my next more ambitious trips. Rwanda has captured my interest naturally for tracking gorillas in the mountains, but also it is a country with an emerging economy that is healing itself. South Africa is another beautiful country with wonderful wildlife, beaches, culture, and biking in the wine country around Stellenbosch—plus the great statesman Mandela’s imprint is everywhere.”  Inspired? Check out our Burgundy Biking and South Africa Private trips.

Jeneen Sutherland

Director of B&R Bespoke Custom Travel

British Columbia Travel West-coast-based Bespoke Director Jeneen Sutherland reminds us that sometimes it’s not a matter of how far you go, but that the spirit of travel is about embracing the sense of wonder that comes with any journey. “While my husband and I were discussing which corner of the globe would be next on the list—Myanmar, Laos and Syria being top candidates—this summer we’ll be spending a blissful family vacation in a Westfalia van (with a few breaks from the camper van at some of the chic B&B’s and great hotels that dot the route) exploring back-country British Columbia with our two young kids. Something I’ve come to realize is that luxury is defined in many different ways; from private chefs and luxurious boutique hotels, to a blissful evening bonfire spent roasting marshmallows with your family—and everything in between. We’re focusing on the Sunshine Coast, which is home to about a dozen interesting seaside communities before heading over to Vancouver Island to take in the delights of the Cowichan Valley—which has been quietly nurturing an unpretentious gourmet scene. I can hardly wait to explore the delights of both areas, and the wildlife will be sure to please the kids!” Check out our full roster of With the Kids trips for more inspiration on family travel.

Chris Mark

Head of Trip Planning & Operations

Provence Travel Longtime B&R man Chris Mark is responsible for overseeing the research, planning and operations of all our published trips, so if anyone understands the available options, he’s the one. “If you’re a biker (and I fancy myself one) there’s no better place in the world to ride than in France. And nothing epitomizes France more than Provence. There is nothing novel about Provence—its hilltop villages, vineyards, and markets have been immortalized by everyone from Van Gogh to Peter Mayle—but there is plenty fresh and new. Like the stunning Hotel La Coquillade, perched above the Luberon Valley, with fine dining and even finer bikes available for use right on the premises. Further east, you find the burgeoning Petit Luberon, a lovely, little-known corner of the region where towns like Forcalquier thrive in obscurity relative to more famous cousins St-Rémy and Gordes. Proving Provence’s most enduring characteristic: there really is no bad time to go, especially if you love to move on two wheels.”  Check out our Provence Biking trip for a new spin on an old classic.

Norman Howe


Norman slippery sloped his way out of the field of law and writing and into the B&R fold after a short stint guiding for us long ago. After several years running his own travel company, we are pleased to welcome him back as President. “I’m heading to India this Christmas on a Bespoke family trip for what promises to be the adventure of a lifetime. We’ll be travelling via Delhi, but we’ll be spending most of our time amongst the fairytale walled cities, exotic pink palaces and colorful local markets of Rajasthan. We’ll be sleeping under the stars in romantic desert camps near Jaisalmer and living like royalty in the legendary Lake Palace of Udaipur; we’ll be travelling by elephant and camel, as well as by train, plane and private automobile; and we’ll be hanging out with the decedents of the proud Rajput warrior caste as well as taking tea with former maharajas in Jaipur. I would never dream of going without the insight and expertise of B&R’s Bespoke planning team and partners on the ground.” Learn more about our Bespoke Custom Trips and get the ball rolling on your adventure of a lifetime.

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